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Just Call Me Leon Kennedy

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Last night I (finally) beat Resident Evil 4 on the PS2. It was one of the best games I've ever played. Results at the end stated I'd put in over 36 hours of gameplay; I enjoyed every moment.

It was something The Worm and I did together sometimes. He'd watch and offer advice, or drive me insane by yelling at me to do things when I was already doing the best I could. We had a lot of fun sharing that time, and there were many times that both of us screamed like little girls - it could be pretty scary.

There were bosses in the game that it took me many tries - on different days - to kill; which only made it all the more satisfying once I'd eliminated them.

I've played many games, console and computer, in my day and I can say I felt the biggest sense of accomplishment completing this one. I recommend RS4 to anyone who might be considering giving it a try; it was a fucking blast.

My apologies, in closing, as this post would've turned out more interesting and better written had I some caffeine in my system.

The Dramatowne Dish

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Really too aggravated with life to write anything of much worth. I have, however, been easing my sorrows by screwing up the lives of my Sims.

Dramatowne is a neighborhood I created just for that - to turn the Sims' lives who live there into a sordid mess that would make any daytime TV slot happy. So far, it's been a success.

There a few families that you'll meet in Dramatowne. I'll tell you about them, since I'll likely be posting their exploits here for you to read when I'm low on content.

The Bradley Family
Dramatowne's religious right. The father is a local priest, and closet-'ho. The identical twin daughters are the perfect match of Good and Evil.

The Montalbano Family
Dramatowne's hottest single gal. Juliana Montalbano is the daughter of Dramatowne's former mayor. She's single - and loving it.

The Bordas Family
Dramatowne's unwed mother. Charlotte Bordas once hung out with her best friend and fellow party-girl, Juliana Montalbano, every night. Now she smells of spoiled baby milk rather than SinScents #7, and the only nights she's still awake at dawn are those that baby Amelia is teething.

The Strumpet Family
Dramatowne's dysfuntional nuts. Edward Strumpet met his wife in a strip club - Big Bubba's Boobie Barn to be exact. Edward still "gets around", however, and Vivian isn't the brighest Crayon in the box. Their son, Richard, appears to be turning out to be a raging queen.

The Bliss Family
Dramatowne's party girl. Mira Bliss was born for one thing - to party; and wish she could kiss girls. Even though Charlotte no longer parties with she and Juliana, it hasn't slowed the remaining two down from painting Dramatowne red. The truth is, Mira is madly in love with Juliana. She wonders if she'll ever be able to share her true feelings with Dramatowne's man-lover.

The Cheater Family
Dramatowne's lower life forms. Gerald Cheater plans to someday win back the title of Crime Boss of Dramatowne - one that was taken from his father many years ago. In the meantime, he's busy trying to raise a family with the hot bitch of a wife he won in a poker bet and their little girl. Paloma, his hot bitch of a wife, however, is busy trying to start a fling with every penis-bearing Sim in Dramatowne. The truth? She doesn't know who Michelle's father is.

That's just a few...more to come, promise. In the interim, why don't you take a minute to read the beginning saga of two Dramatowne families - the Strumpets and the Cheaters.

The very first installment of The Dramatowne Dish:

6:22pm Update:

Wanna Take Me On?

Friday, October 28th, 2005

A damn good way to spend a Friday night?

Drinking beer, eating pizza and playing Need for Speed, Hot Pursuit 2, on the PS2 with your man.

Even better?

Totally kicking his ass on the virtual highway.

It's the little things.

The Sims 2: Nightlife. I May Never See Daylight Again

Saturday, September 17th, 2005

The Sims 2: Nightlife fucking rocks.

I purchased it yesterday - with all the hoopla that's been going on around here, I'd totally forgotten it was coming out!

I'd read a little about it, but not much, b/c the excitement would be too great. I know, I really should get a life. Anyway, there's lots of content that I didn't realize would be there but am VERY GLAD it is!

For starters, falling in love with another Sim is a much more complicated thing than it used to be - your Aspirations should be compatible, along with your Zodiac signs, and your turn-ons and turn-offs should be in in sync.

Vampires are a great new addition to the game, the way they walk around with their arms over their faces in classic-Vampire style and hiss periodically is a hoot. Vampires, apparently, do not die of Old Age or any unnatural causes - but they will perish if left out in the daytime; they sleep in coffins that you purchase in Buy Mode. I haven't seen it yet, but apparently a Sim Vampire out during the day will have all his Needs rapidly deteriorate until he dies - or you quickly get him inside and in his coffin. I hope to get one of my Sims turned into a vampire soon by one of the Grand Vampires downtown.

Speaking of the dead, Maxis heard our pleas, and you can now create cemetaries/parks to place your deceased family members when you don't want to get rid of them permanently, but also don't want to be bothered by their restless spirits for the rest of your life. Once these graves are moved to the cemetary, you can visit and mourn them there, or move them back home if ever should so choose. A very cool addition.

There are lots of little things and I can't go into them all, but the ep is amazing. The music is something else - all these different, funky themes of the original The Sims 2 theme on loading/building screens. Very nice.

One of the most fascinating additions for me was the ability to *see* your neighborhood while you are on a particular lot. This, like the new cars, has never been done in a Sims game before. You can see your neighbors around you, and if you're Downtown, you can see the other buildings - just click and go to visit them!

I was so hoping you'd be able to WooHoo in the cars - and you can! New places to WooHoo is always a bonus to sex fiend Sim-players like myself.

Slow dancing is another animation that I really like, along with "The Smustle" - a line dance thing Sims do together that about had me pissing my pants with laughter.

The ability to chat up prospective mates is a nice bonus - you can ask them their skills, turn-ons/turn-offs, how much they make, and what their jobs are. Great for the Fortune Sims on the prowl for a wealthy spouse or Family Sims looking a good supporter to start a family with.

Karaoke is another piss-on-yourself laugh inducer. Sims can sing solo, or pair up with another Sim to make an ass of themselves. Sims with low Creativity skills sound horrible - much to your amusement.

There are so many great things about the game, and I'm just learning them as I go. For any Sim fan out there asking if it's worth it to have - I'd have to give a resounding "Yes!"; even if only for the neighborhood view while on a lot - it makes it so much more "realistic".

Whiny Fucks Need Not Apply

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

So World of Warcraft is having a bit of unexpected downtime this evening (it happens). I stroll on over to the official site forums to see if they've said anything. They haven't but it's pretty obvious - it isn't working at the moment.

Then I made the mistake of clicking on an entry (already 6 pages long) where people were griping about the downtime. By time I got through three pages of "We should slap a class-action lawsuit on them" and "this is my hard-earned money that's being wasted", I was livid.

Stupid, immature, whiny fucks - all of them. And I decided to let them know it. This pretty much sums up how I feel about people like that:

All of you whining children with your "hard earned money" and your "class action lawsuits" need to get a grip on reality.

"Oh, it's a *service* - we PAY for it to WORK." Perhaps in whatever world you live in every service you pay for and everything you buy works perfectly all of the time; lucky you. But here in the *real* world, things break, go wrong and don't always go quite like you'd like them to - whether you're paying for it or not.

Let me tell you something, from a professional i.t. tech, I *promise* you that the good folks at Blizzard are busting arse right now to get things back working smoothly; as they always do. I guarantee you they feel bad that all of you who have nothing better to do while your favorite game is down for a bit can't play; they know you pay dearly for this service and they are, I've no doubts, doing everything they can to get it working again for YOU, their loyal paying customer. So hush up and wait.

Or, no, go ahead and sue them, or cancel your account - it's so very mature and what you've displayed so far here speaks volumes of your maturity levels. Go play some other game (which, I promise, will have downtime as well!). Rant and rave some more on the forums b/c that does SO MUCH GOOD. Do whatever you have to do so that you feel better about the wrongs that have been wrought upon you poor, innocent, hard-working people. My heart is bleeding for each and every one of you.

And to those of you that whine you only have "certain times" you can play, and that happens to be NOW - during the "down time" - GET OVER IT. This is Life; in case someone hasn't told you yet, let me share the bad news with you - Life Is NOT Fair. I'm sorry; I know this must come as quite a shock to you. I'm sure this won't change the fact that every one of you now believes Blizzard owes you some type of compensation; an "I'm sorry" that, somehow, magically, works for everyone with an odd schedule and limited playing time. And if they don't, you'll threaten to quit or sue...I know how it goes. But, really, just...get over it - you're going to give yourself some serious high blood pressure freaking out over something so petty.

Yes, $15/month IS a petty thing to gripe about; especially considering the fact that THIS GAME WORKS **MORE OFTEN** THAN NOT! But of course, all you ever seem to notice, or speak up about are the times it *doesn't* and you, poor little you, are slightly inconvenienced (and if the game being down inconveniences you more than *slightly*, you should really get a life.)

It's a thankless job these guys do; not so much as a thank you or a pat on the back when things are working smoothly. Yet the minute something goes wrong you attack them like a pack of wild animals.

Regardless of what's happening or how long it will take, the bottom line is it WILL be fixed, you WILL be able to play again and all of you can go and find something else to whine about. Until such time as that happens, please, for the love of all things holy and sacred, *grow up*.

Proof that The Worm and I play entirely too much Everquest

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Me, half-jokingly: Am I ever going to get any of that dick? (Referring to the fact that we've been too busy over the past two days playing games to have sex).

Worm: I don't know. It's a random spawn.

Me, snorting: More like a rare spawn.

Worm: I knew that was coming.

(At this point we're both giggling).

Me: Well, hell. I've been camping that damn thing all weekend long!

I'm not sure what's worse. The fact that this conversation took place, at all, or the fact that we both got the jokes well enough to be pissing ourselves with laughter.

Everquest and Blah

Monday, March 14th, 2005

Last night I played Everquest 2 with my boyfriend, my brother and my sister (who just bought the game). It was geeky-gamer heaven. We all started new characters and wrecked havoc on the world of Norrath as a band of badass Wood Elves (can a Wood Elf be "badass"?). It was fun.

In my other gaming obsession, I have not yet been able to get a student to woohoo a college professor for better grades in The Sims University, thought I read it can be done. It's good to have goals in these games.

I had one non-stop weekend. Early Saturday we were off to start partying for Baton Rouge's annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Lots of beer, sun, and cool people; a good time was had by all. By 5pm we were back home and in bed - too much sunlight and alcohol doesn't make you feel on your best.

Sunday I attended my goddaughter's 8th birthday party. She's eight - wow. I was watching her run around playing and remembered the day she was born - I saw her not seconds after she first came into this world. How could that have been eight years ago? My "Little Fish" may be the closest thing I ever have to a daughter, and that's fine with me. Both she and her brother have my heart.

Yeah, sometimes I have a heart. Don't get used to it.

Today is Monday. Three cheers - woot. I mean that facetiously.

Though it's almost bearable for the simple fact that it's fucking gorgeous outside and I can smell the hint of coming spring in the air. That really lifts my spirits like nothing else can; the changing of the seasons.

Shit, there I go being sappy again.

I'd better just end this post now before I lose my bitchy blogging edge that you've all come to love & expect (at least, I hope you do).