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The Man I Love

Friday, October 8th, 2004

This is my Worm. He doesn't like it when I use his name on my blog, and he'll probably like me posting his picture even less. But he's cute when he's angry, so it's worth it.

The day I met The Worm he drove me across the street to a gas station so I could buy a pack of cigarettes. He opened the car door for me, and the door to the convenience store, he smiled and chatted with the cashier, and dropped all of his change in the whatever-charity-foundation dish on the counter. Chivalry wasn't dead - all 5'4" of it was standing right in front of me, and I was completely smitten.

This gray-eyed, long-lashed, little Cajun man with the prominent Romanesque nose and soft lips that possessed an infectious smile, a darling accent and the manners of a true Southern gentleman pretty much had me at "hello" - as cliche and cheesy as that sounds.

We'd only been dating a few weeks when my "bad day" (September 7, as I'm sure you've read on here before) came looming. I told him about it, and how rough it was on me. Yet I never expected to get a massively huge arrangement of sunflowers (my favorite flower) delivered to my work on September 7. "I think you've got a keeper," my co-workers chided me. I did indeed.

Yesterday was a wet and blustery day - it had been storming since lunchtime. As I made my way out at quitting time, I was surprised to see The Worm just outside the building's front doors, waiting for me. Apparently he'd come into the office sometime that day, but I couldn't fathom why he was waiting for me. It wasn't until I stepped outside that I saw the umbrella in his hand. He walked me to my car, getting wet himself in the process since my cane being in the way prevented him from getting close enough to me to get the under the umbrella too. Three years later and he's still as charming and gentlemanly and thoughtful as the day I met him.

I've been meaning to sit and blog about my wonderful man for some time now, but there was always something else to bitch about, or complain about, or wax poetic on. But it was the shock of possibly losing him that jarred me into true appreciation. Last night we talked about going our separate ways and I can literally hear my heart breaking; I'm in such pain and in such a bad place right now.

I love this man. I love him with every fiber of my being. I love our life together and I can easily live with the things that make it less-than-perfect. I wish he could see that. He thinks he fails me somehow, but the truth is I'm one of the luckiest women in the world! I love his beautiful smile and his perfect, white teeth. I love the way he looks when he wakes up in the morning and the twinkle in his eye when he laughs. I adore his perfect, little lithe body and his fuzzy goatee he keeps up just for me. I could drool all over him when he dresses up, especially when he wears maroon. Swoon.

He's made me a better person. Because of him I'm more responsible, more level-headed and better able to play at being an "adult". Because of him I'm more refined - he educated me about fine wines and good cigars, and has taught me to appreciate nicer things. He's smoothed and polished over my rough spots, rounded my sharper corners but still let me keep some of my edge. He has improved me as a person in so many ways.

I love this man and I don't want to lose him. I know he loves me, too. But is Love enough?

Come On, Motherfuckers

Saturday, May 29th, 2004

There's nothing quite like lying in bed, half in and half out of sleep, hazily dreaming early on a Saturday morning. It's cool in the room, and warm under the covers - where you're snuggled up close to your man. In your hazy, not-quite-awake state you hope this can last forever.

And then suddenly your sweet, soft sleeping man next to you yells out:

"Come on, motherfuckers!"

Ah, life together. That's even better than the time he pulled the covers up to his chin and murmured, like a little boy, "Mmnn...cookies."

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

Too Young for Skimpy Clothes!

Thursday, April 15th, 2004

Tuesday has become our unofficial "Chicken & Beer Night". Right after work we go on over to Buffalo Wild Wings and indulge in $0.30 wings and Happy Hour beer (two for one). Every friend we've brought with us so far falls in love with the Buffalo. These wings are good - the secret's in the sauce.

It ended up being just Baret and I this particular Tuesday, and we were having a jolly 'ole time guessing at the quiz game on the screen, giggling at other patrons, and discussing life, love, and the difference b/tw a nympho and "regularly-sexed" gal. It was about this time that I noticed a family come in - I assume they were a family even though it was hard to tell who was with who. A mother and a father, one teenage boy and three teenage girls - it appeared to be a birthday gathering as one girl opened a gift or two. I about fell out of my chair when I saw this group - these girls were dressed so skimpy and trashy I couldn't believe a decent parent would let them out of the house like that.

One girl, in particular, had on shorts so short you could almost see the curve of her ass - and a short, tight belly-bearing shirt. Granted she had on a jacket, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she was half-dressed and it was about 39 degrees outside. Wtf? The other two were clad in tight jeans and very low-cut and sleeveless shirts. They were dressed like young, albeit slutty, women - but even under all of the make-up and fancy costume jewelry it was evident that they were likely only 14 or 15 years of age.

I like to think if I had children, I'd be a cool parent. I'd be strict, but I'd want my child to express themselves - and I hope that I would allow some freedom in their choice of dress. But I don't think I'd be very okay with my child wanting to express themselves as some little slut. I know that even if I didn't allow them to buy or wear clothes like that and they wanted to, they'd just sneak off to their friends' houses and change there. But still. These girls, with all of their caked on make-up and barely-there clothes were completely inappropriate. And I'm not puritan by any means - but these are kids. It just didn't seem right and I had to wonder about the parents that would let their children wear such clothes.

Well, the house is officially dry and, so far, not smelly. Let's hope it stays that way.

Oh yeah - and added a new category - "techie" - thought I'd give myself a space to share the silliest, wackiest and dumbest things I get to hear working as an i.t. tech day-to-day. As I hear 'em, I'll add 'em. Yes, they all really happened.

I've got to start my day, but I hope everyone has a pleasant one. The Moon is in Pisces, and that always denotes a good time.

When It Rains…

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004

It rained yesterday.

In my house.

Yes, after a particularly shitty and stressful Monday, I came home to a particularly shitty and stressful springtime shower in my own living room.

Really, at that point, I just had to laugh. It didn't bother me - the irony was too great. Baret got home before me and heard gushing water. He ran into the kitchen and looked in the downstairs bathroom - nothing. He hurried to the living room to see great gallons of water gushing forth...from the ceiling fan. My first thought would've been, "We're rich! Our ceiling fan makes water!" Think of the possibilites. Baret, being more mechanically-inclined than myself (and obviously not nearly as optimistic) ran upstairs to find water pouring out of the top of the toliet and onto the already one-and-a-half inch pool of water on the bathroom floor - which had seeped through the floor and was coming out of the ceiling and puddling all around the brand-new carpet and our lovely second-hand couch.

I came home to find the door swung wide open - which was odd, as it was damn cold outside. Then I noticed the couch pushed back far enough that I could see it from the open door. As I hobbled closer, optimistic thought patterns in full swing (or perhaps just my mind trying to deny the obvious), I wondered if he'd pushed the couch back and had laid out a little picnic after-work snack for us on the floor (insert derisive laughter here) - hey, it's a thought. I walked in to see soaked towels all over the floor and water still dripping...from the ceiling fan.

The landlord showed up about 5 mins after I did and promised to come back the next day to fix the toliet. Hobbling downstairs every time I had to pee last nite was a joy I'd not like to repeat. The ceiling fan will most likely have to be replaced and even though Baret spent most of the evening sucking up water with the wet/dry vac we'd rented, we worry about the inevitable mildew smell that will sneak into the brand new carpet (which will probably also buckle as it dries).

And of course, all of this has to happen when it is not only raining outside so we can't open up the house and let the warm Spring air help with the drying process, but when the temperature has dropped and is nearing 38 degrees so we can't open up the house and let the warm Spring air help with the drying process. Nice. 38 degrees in Spring? Only when Shanna and Baret's house is flooded and needs warm air so we can open it all up and save us from mildew stench.

Really, I'm not bothered by it. Work has been stressful enough that I let the little things at home just go on by without much notice. Even when, later, Baret accidentally spilled a glass of water all over my desk, my CDs and paperwork, I just laughed. Water was a prominent element in our home last nite.

So - here's to everyone having a *DRY* evening this time around!

The New & Improved Patio

Monday, March 22nd, 2004

Take a Sunday afternoon with nothing planned (I'd forgotten such things exist), one ready and willing person and one begrudging but willing person, two trips to Wal-Mart and $230 spent and what do you have? Shanna & Baret's new and improved patio area.

It's lovely! Thanks to everyone for the ideas. We went to Super Wal-Mart Saturday evening and I was just over-whelmed. So many plants - what did I want? Where would I put what? What in the hell was I doing here? We decided it'd be best to go home, have another look at the patio, lay out a rudimentary landscape-idea on paper and do some heavy Internet research on hardy yet pretty (i.e. attractive + not-easy-to-kill) plants.

Sunday I was much better prepared. Though we had to make two trips (you try fitting a large amount of plants, patio accessories & such in a Miata), and didn't even get to planting 'til after noon, it was worth the effort. There are three beds - one we're not doing anything much to just yet as a large tree is in that keeps it carpeted in a thick layer of leaves; it also doesn't get much sun. That's a later project. The two smaller beds, before we started, contained a bunch of Indian heather shrubs. Little shrubberies with small, pretty purple flowers on them. Since they were pretty, and needed to be thicked, we moved all of them to the corner bed and bordered it with white begonias (a flower that's super hardy and I've worked with before). The other bed has a beautiful rose climbing a trellis on the end next to the fence, is bordered with colorful petunias and has four bright snapdragon plants in the center. All very colorful.

We flanked the little goldfish pond-thingy with two little topiary-looking miniature rose bushes (called "Hot & Spicy") and a planter with white begonias behind. I planted white begonias around the small tree in the big, ugly planter and the stone candle and angels I have there. There are also two large potted impatiens and two beautiful hanging ivys that our neighbors threw away this morning! Baret took them out the trash and we hung them up; who throws away good, healthy plants? Only the 'bamas.

We also bought two new tiki torches - these are durable metal and in Oriental-style, so they match my yard perfectly.

Words don't do it justice, so I'll have to post some pics. We're not near done - we have big plans for the goldfish's living area. But that will have to be a summer project. I didn't intend to spend over $200 on fixing up the patio!

Today I'm all sore, cut up and sunburnt - but it feels wonderful. Every little thing I do that makes that place a little more "my home" just warms me up inside. I never thought I'd so enjoy being comfortable and settled. Even if we're only renting; I'm finding as I grow older that security is a nice thing. Just up 'til a few years ago I still made statements like "I hope I never settle down" or "I am undomesticatable and proud of it" or "I wouldn't even buy a house b/c I'd hate the idea that I may be stuck in one place for the rest of my life". But lately I find myself treasuring my little nook of the world and making it mine, and being rather content to stay there for awhile.

Tonight we're going to chill on the new patio (after jumping on Everquest real quick to save one of Baret's character's rotting corpses), have a bottle of red wine and barbq. Hope everyone has just as pleasant an evening.

A Little Too Much Celebration

Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

Just thought you would like to know that I gave my presentation for the website - and he *loved* it! It goes up next week. I'm so damn excited.

So damn excited, in fact, that Baret suggested we go out Friday evening after work to celebrate. And did we celebrate. I don't know how many Cosmos we drank, but the bill was over $67 and we only ordered one $6 appetizer. We vaguely remember getting home.

I spent all of Saturday and Saturday night in bed. In fact, I never left my bed yesterday. I was hung-over for OVER 24 hours. I don't ever want to celebrate again. Let me tell ya, I'm getting old. I can't do shit like that anymore. Finally, last nite around 10pm I started to feel half-way decent (i.e. not like I was about to throw-up and then die). I was finally able to hold down a little food and I passed out exhausted and with a backache (lying in bed all day can do that to ya). It was not at all fun. Celebrating is wrong! Don't do it, I beg of you!

I'm not feeling my best this morning either, but at least I can sit up without needing to hurl. I think that's improvement, yes?

Anyway, I'm off to eat my first full meal in two days and settle in for our usual Everquest-Sunday. Hope you all have a great one - and Happy Lundi Gras a day early!

Good Stuff All Around

Friday, February 6th, 2004

It's FRIDAY!! I can't tell you how excited I am about that. This weekend, Baret, myself and a gaggle of friends are going camping. "Camping" for us entails renting an 8-10 person cabin in one of Louisiana's beautiful state parks. Everyone has a certain meal they are responsible for (Baret & I have "Saturday lunch", for example) and everyone brings their own booze. It promises to be a fun time.

In other blogger-world news, one of my favorite bloggers, Dooce is officially a first-time mama. Hop on over and meet Leta Elise, one cute, froggy baby. I, as many others, have been following Dooce's pregnancy along with her as she posted about it throughout her nine months. Thanks to the Armstrong family for sharing their gestation period with us - I actually learned alot, and, if I ever end up with child myself, I now know a few things to expect. Congratulations you guys!

I've also added a new link, Daryl's This Is The Shit blog tackles very important issues, and he has a brilliant way of bringing these issues to light. It's definitely worth a read.

And, though I would like to post more, I just got a call that my darling Baret has (somehow) locked himself out of the house - whilst his car keys are securely locked in the house. So I'm off to explain that one to my boss, and go save his silly ass. If I don't come back before the day is out, have a great weekend.