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More Than You Wanted to Know

Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

The More You Know... More Than You Wanted to Know...

Remember those little commercials that would come on between Saturday morning cartoons that taught a nugget of totally useless knowledge? Inspired by a recent Family Guy re-run I saw, I thought I'd start a periodical (read: whenever I feel like it and likely pretty rarely) segment on this blog based on that. More Than You Wanted to Know will be me expounding on some rare and totally extraneous fact that some of you probably would've rathered not knowing; others may find the random, worthless information helpful and/or even entertaining.

I thought I'd start our first-ever piece off with a few facts on the phenomenon known simply as wolfbagging. Here is a detailed look inside this bizarre practice...

More Than You Wanted to Know - Wolfbagging

Wolfbagging is not, as some people have alleged, having sex with a wolf inside of a large bag. While that makes a bit more sense than the actual definition of the word it is still a false interpretation.

Wolfbagging is a more of a kink than an actual fetish. If you've spent some time mucking around the Internet, you're likely already familiar with the term. For those that aren't, "wolfbagging" is the colorful term for a particularly remarkable method of triggering anal contraction.

The procedure consists of the target person swallowing a piece of bacon on a string. No, you read that correctly; the person swallows a piece of bacon...on a string, yes. I'm sure other substances and foods could be substituted, but fundamental wolfbagging calls for bacon-on-a-string. Once the bacon is securely lodged in the throat and the string is, presumably, hanging from their mouth at an appropriate length, the partner begins sodomizing the target person in the regular fashion. At the apex of orgasm, the partner alerts his mate, who promptly yanks on the string - bringing up the bacon and anything else that might happen to be floating around inside the stomach. While this obviously has scant pleasurable effects for the puker, the tightening of the anal muscles during the heaving process creates quite a grip on the now orgasming partner/puke-inducer.

And that, folks, is a more detailed description of wolfbagging than you ever wanted to read. While not something I'd ever have a desire to try out myself ("Can't I just cough really hard, baby?"), I am still enthralled by the inventiveness of my fellow man. Someone actually thought this up - and a few other someones all found it so helpful that it became a known word and practice on the World Wide Web. People do this - enough people do this that it has a name. Wolfbagging. Wow.

And now you know.