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Things Aren’t Always As Big As They Seem

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Last night I dreamt I was in a strange library.  On a huge shelf, way above everything was this enormous book.  It must've been two stories high and as wide across as the front of a house.  The title, which I could barely read, said something about the history of giants, which changed when I looked at it again to the history of miniature, toy soldiers.

Someone decided to get a long stick and poke at the massive book until it fell down, so we could look at it - though it was going to take a few of us just to open the cover.

He started poking and the book began to fall, but as it fell and turned we realized it was only a page, and as it settled to the ground it rolled itself neatly up into tube-rolled poster.  The entire thing had been an optical illusion, drawn to look like a massive book with millions of pages - when, in fact, it had only been a large sheet of paper; like the art of Julian Beever.

Anyone else get the feeling that my dream is trying to tell me not to make mountains out of molehills - that maybe what seems huge and overwhelming is actually quite small and manageable if only I change my perspective?

Bring It!

Thursday, June 17th, 2004

I had a dream last nite. My Mom and Baret took me to a doctor's appointment for my leg. But when we got back there, I suddenly started feeling very drowsy. I looked down and realized they had somehow, without my knowing it, put an IV in my arm and were giving me drugs. They then did all kinds of things to my leg - I was half in and half out of consciousness but felt no pain.

Afterwards, I got up and was going somewhere when I realized I was walking. Tentatively, shakily, but walking. Baby steps - and I knew it was the first time in a long time that I'd done so and that I would get stronger and would walk normally eventually. The feeling of taking steps without a crutch jacked up under my arm was like...freedom. It felt like flying it was such a free and liberating feeling! I knew a joy in that dream like I've never known before. I knew I was going to succeed - I knew I'd walk normally again, I was already taking the first slow steps.

The dream has filled me with renewed determination. I'm ready to fight. Bring it on.