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Domains for Sale!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

In case anyone were actually interested, I thought I should make note here of a few domain names I've picked up along the way that I would like to sell.  These are for sale at GoDaddy Auctions, and set on Buy Now or Bid status.  Get 'em while they're hot!

I also have thefringepress.com which I'm debating on putting up for sale or keeping.  I sort of like it.

Anyhow, if you're interested in any of the above domains, please visit GoDaddy Auctions or click on the domain links listed above to go directly to each domain name's individual buy/bid page.

A Little Too Much Celebration

Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

Just thought you would like to know that I gave my presentation for the website - and he *loved* it! It goes up next week. I'm so damn excited.

So damn excited, in fact, that Baret suggested we go out Friday evening after work to celebrate. And did we celebrate. I don't know how many Cosmos we drank, but the bill was over $67 and we only ordered one $6 appetizer. We vaguely remember getting home.

I spent all of Saturday and Saturday night in bed. In fact, I never left my bed yesterday. I was hung-over for OVER 24 hours. I don't ever want to celebrate again. Let me tell ya, I'm getting old. I can't do shit like that anymore. Finally, last nite around 10pm I started to feel half-way decent (i.e. not like I was about to throw-up and then die). I was finally able to hold down a little food and I passed out exhausted and with a backache (lying in bed all day can do that to ya). It was not at all fun. Celebrating is wrong! Don't do it, I beg of you!

I'm not feeling my best this morning either, but at least I can sit up without needing to hurl. I think that's improvement, yes?

Anyway, I'm off to eat my first full meal in two days and settle in for our usual Everquest-Sunday. Hope you all have a great one - and Happy Lundi Gras a day early!

Redesign # Who-Knows

Thursday, October 16th, 2003

Woot! A new, fresh look. What cha' think? I designed it from scratch so be nice...lol.

Now if I can just get the table on the left there to stay on top.....

All Smiles

Thursday, August 28th, 2003

Right now I have the biggest grin on my face.

I've been having a really tough time at work - and it looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better. This has had me in a chain-smoking state of stress for almost two weeks now.

But just now something good happened. Really good.

As you may or may not know, I'm a web designer. I have a little business on the side, though I've only been hired to do two websites before for pay. I don't really advertise - it's just a word-of-mouth, great-if-it-happens little thing I do for some extra cash. But I love it - I love doing it more than I can put into words and if I could do it full-time; well, nothing would make me happier. Just last week, as I was busy patching laptops, one of our inspectors said he was looking to hire me to do a website for their church. Just this week, a good friend (who got me my first paid site) said he knew a company that was hiring out for free-lance web designers b/c they were swamped. As I just sat back down at my cube, after making a trek to the snack machine for some Rold Gold Pretzels, a man I didn't know came up. He said he'd heard that I designed websites, and he and his wife have a prize horse that they show and breed and need a website for him. I'm so fucking stoked!!

Being hired to do two sites is great news! I'm also currently working on two other sites for friends and the man who is doing my therapy (b/c he sees me for free since I am a special/termed 'hopeless' case). Could this be the beginning of doing more web design - and possibly making enough of a name for myself to do it exclusively? Keep your fingers crossed for me! I wonder what color candle is good to light for webpages...lol.

Diamond in the Rough

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

It's almost lunch!! Though I can't complain - the day has been speeding by; due, I'm sure, to the fact that I've spent most of it re-designing the layout of this blogger (you like?). Well, fuck ya if you don't; really doesn't matter to me.

I also spent some time away from designing (because I had a damn headache) and browsing other Bloggers....which is like wading through an over-stuffed junk drawer. Lots of useless crap and broken thingamajigs to dig through before you can find an actual gem.

That's just how I happened on Rose just last nite. I'd hit up her Blogger a few days earlier and was quite impressed; we shared a lot of similar views and she had a way of just writing about her everyday life that was absorbing. When I saw she was online, I sent her an IM - surprising her that I wasn't another Internet horndog looking for sex or pictures of "boobs".

Which brings me to the point of this seemingly pointless drivel...the influx of idiots I've had to deal with online since restoring my instant messaging programs has been, well, overwhelming - which reminded me why I got rid of them in the first place years ago. I got so agitated, that I wrote a rant about it; which I posted on my website (shameless self-plug there). I realized that, on my website, my rants hardly never get read. Most of the people that go there just get in long enough to see that I have tits in my photo gallery before IMing me wanting to see photos of them. And I'm proud of my opinionated, bitchy little rants - they were the main reason I created the site in the first place - sooooo - I decided I'd start publishing them here. They might have a better chance of getting read on a Blogger than sitting on my way-too-much-crap-on-it-the-first-place website (I can't stop!). And, not that you care but just for reference anyway, I'll distinguish between a regular post and a rant by putting the title of Rant at the top of those particular posts. Just so you know.

With that, I bid you farewell....at least for a few hours.