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Yet Another Game Day

Saturday, August 30th, 2003

It's a beautiful morning...

Not really. Today, folks, begins the nightmare that is LSU football. Even saying such a thing is going traitor against the vast majority of the southern Louisiana population; I might be taken out and stoned at any minute.

You don't know college football until you've experienced LSU fans. I read a study somewhere that said the most rabid, dedicated and diehard college football fans were Tiger fans. If you lived here, you'd already know that. It's not uncommon for families to pack up and follow the Tigers all around the country during football season; and don't be planning any major get togethers on game night. I know a girl who accidentally scheduled her wedding on the same night as an LSU football game. Two of her uncles didn't go...to the wedding! They played hell making her father and grandfather attend.

None of this insanity would matter a hill of beans to me except that I live right next to LSU - and home games mean being stuck inside the house and listening to the crappy music of the live band at the restaurant next door. Stuck in the house because the traffic is unbelievable. After the game, every road leading to LSU is closed off and becomes one, big, moving flow out. That's right, every single road turns into a one-way and the traffic is bumper-to-bumper on every one of them.

The loud, drunken revelry is another thing altogether. Something always ends up happening to Baret's car and the band next door plays until 2am. And they suck. This year, the restaurant is the location of the "official" post-game show...with all the radio shows and interviews with the coaches, etc. Oh joy.

This time of year makes me want to move...far away. No matter how much I love my apartment.

Thankfully, we won't be around for the hype. We're ducking out early and going to my hometown (Maringouin...try and pronounce it..come on) as we're taking my grandpa out to dinner. He's been begging us to take him to this little restaurant in Breaux Bridge called Mulatte's...where they have live Cajun music. It'll be a blast. My grandpa is something else...I'm sure he's already sitting at home and trying to decide if he's going to where his Passion or Old Spice cologne.