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Suing the Dead for the Dead

Monday, March 29th, 2004

You know what I think about this? Don't want to click off, here's the article:

Descendants of slaves filed a $1 billion lawsuit Monday against U.S. and British corporations, accusing them of profiting by committing genocide against their ancestors.

Lawyers for the eight plaintiffs said the complaint was the first slave reparations lawsuit to use DNA to link the plaintiffs to Africans who suffered atrocities during the slave trade.

The suit filed in federal court in Manhattan accuses Lloyd's of London, FleetBoston and R.J. Reynolds of "aiding and abetting the commission of genocide" by allegedly financing and insuring the ships that delivered slaves to tobacco plantations in the United States.

The defendants "have destroyed our national and ethnic identity," one of the plaintiffs, Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, said at a news conference announcing the suit.

DNA testing has made a "direct connection" between Farmer-Paellmann and the Mende tribe in Sierra Leone, whose people "were kidnapped, tortured and shipped in chains to the United States," the suit said.

Scientific evidence also has linked the other plaintiffs to tribes in Niger and Gambia, the suit said.

Ellen Matthews, a spokeswoman for R.J. Reynolds, said the company had not received a copy of the suit. Calls to the other defendants were not immediately returned.

In January, a federal judge in Chicago threw out a similar lawsuit brought by descendants of slaves.

So, what do I have to say?

Get the fuck over it.

I'm not saying that I condone slavery or that I'm happy about what happened. I think it was horrible and unjust and disgusting. Just as I think what was done to the Indians, to Jews, to supposed witches, and every other human being that has been persecuted by their fellow man for who they are is sickeningly barbaric and utterly ignorant.

Does that mean I think people should be able to get money for what long-since dead people did to their long-since dead ancestors?

Fuck no.

Let's look at this in another light. You mean to tell me that you are so devastated by what happened to people, blood relatives or not, that you never knew and probably know nothing about, you think you should get money for what they suffered - from people that had nothing to do with what the caused pain?

So, by your reckoning, since I am a witch, I should be able to go and sue the residents of Salem, Massachusetts for burning my forbearers? By your reasoning, since I am Cajun, I and my family should all be able to sue Canada for exiling my people in the 1750's - tearing apart families and sending many, in their quest for new homes, to their deaths?

No. Not no, but hell no. Are you fucking stupid? You are suing corporations that didn't even exist back then for having something to do with your fucking ancestors being slaves? I fail to make the connection.

You don't care about the rights of blacks - the horrible mark on humanity that was slavery or the thousands that suffered during that time because of it. All you greedy assholes care about is MONEY. If you really cared about what happened - then you'd do something to show it. Fight for black rights, stand up for what you believe in - suing someone doesn't make a statement for your cause; other than to show your cause is nothing more than making your greedy, lazy ass rich. Your cause is you. Fuck you for taking the pain and humiliation that so many suffered and trying to use it to further your bank account. Fuck you.

Almost everyone in America has ancestors that were persecuted. America was started by people escaping persecution; it is the melting pot it is today because so many peoples from so many lands have come here to escape that very thing. Who is to say one plight is worse than the next - that the horrors wrought on any of our ancestors were more than those around us? The fact is, it doesn't matter. You have no right to any compensation for what others have suffered. None. All of our ancestors, at one time or another, coming from more primitive and barbaric times, have suffered horrible atrocities. This is fact...and history. And it is nothing more than a tool to learn from, and a marker of how we have advanced.

Nobody owes you anything for what those people - your ancestors - suffered. Indeed, you make a mockery of their true suffering by this ignorant act you are committing. If they were alive today, I've no doubt they'd be ashamed. Ashamed that their own blood were slaves still to a different master; slaves to the almighty dollar.

The Short, Cripple One

Friday, March 26th, 2004

So as you know, though I don't mention it much anymore, I'm slightly immobile these days. Well, I'm on a crutch (got down to one) - and have been for....well, fuck, it'll be two years this June. If you can't imagine what it's like living on crutches and having your leg frozen in one position for two years, let me try to explain it. It's an absolute miserable fucking hell. Though my arms are super buff - we must think positive, right?

It all began when I went to get my bum knee fixed (I was born without enough muscle around my kneecap to the keep the fucker in place - so it "floated" and liked to pop out of socket occasionally). The surgery, though three major procedures, was outpatient - I was told I'd be walking in "two weeks". Seriously, the did say two weeks - not two years. So I wasn't prepared for the horrorible downward spiral my life became after that surgery - and the two that followed to try and free up my serious scarring problem (I scar badly and inside it was so bad that everything just melded together - nice). I was also lax on my physical therapy - I won't lie - b/c I'm a wuss and it hurt like mother fucking hell. Agony - like breaking my leg every time I went in. I was miserable, thrown down into the deepest depression I have ever mucked through and was worse off than when I started to boot. It all - well it all fucking sucked.

The three surgeries didn't work and I all but gave up - I learned to live on one leg (and one crutch) though not enjoyably, I'll note. I really didn't know what to do. Last year I went in and he wanted to do another surgery - I just couldn't face another one then and told him I'd get back to him. Life took a nosedive last year and uprooted me (as you'll remember - the cat dying, the car being stolen, us moving - all in a few weeks) and I never got around to finding another doctor to give me a 2nd opinion. So when my temporary handicapped license plate tag rock-star parking tag expired, I went in to have him sign me up for another - b/c, well, I need it. He said at this point the only option was another surgery - hopefully one where they wouldn't have to cut, just knock me out, straighten that fucker, bend it, too and break the adhesions and then stick in a cast to force it to go straight again (it's frozen sort of bent - so that I walk on my toes). He claims another woman, more frozen than I after 7 surgeries, had this done and can now walk.

So I don't know how I feel about it. I'm dreading the fucking surgery - I'm not scared of it anymore, like in the beginning. Knock me out, sure, whatever. It's the pain and recovery that I dread. Getting put to sleep fucks with your head! After I had three surgeries in three months, it was six months before I could read a book again and understand what was going on. I was a scatterbrain - I couldn't remember *anything* or form full and coherent thoughts. It was over a year before I felt somewhat normal again - though I still feel I never fully recovered mentally.

The pain is another thing altogether. After my last manipulation (what this surgery is called), I woke up and started punching the wall and begging for painkillers. I was in pain - bad pain - and that was just after a few weeks of being frozen. Can you imagine what those muscles are going to feel like being ripped up like that after two years? Fuck yes, I'm scared of the pain. And then I have to push myself this time - have to get thru that pain and push with the p.t. I'm not looking forward to it.

I'm terrified of slipping back into that black depression. I'm afraid of hoping that this will be "the one" - the surgery that will "fix" me. I know I'll never walk normally again - I'm not naive enough to think I'll ever have fully, mobile legs. I've accepted this - I gotten out of that black fog. I know I'll likely walk again - possibly even with no limp (yay!) - but I'll probably never be able to bend fully. That's fine. So I can't squat - that'll really suck when I need to pee outside, but who cares? As long as I can fucking walk (and dance, I love to dance), then I'm not gonna be picky. So I don't know how to feel about this - do I go in with a fighting spirit - I'm going to do it this time and ignore all else? Do I have hope - or does that just set me up to topple back off into depression if this is just another dead-end? Do I just go into it with a "fuck it" attitude - if it works, awesome - if not, I go thru pain and hell but am still in the same place in the end so who cares?

I'm just confused - right now I'm trying not to deal with it - but May 28th isn't that far away. It'll be here before you know it. I'm ready, and at the same time, I'm not. I'm scared - fuck yes I am - but I'm also apathetic at this point. Part of me has given up, I've noticed.

I don't know what I'm even asking here. I'm just kind of...lost. I don't know what to think or how to feel.

I hope everyone has a great weekend - thanks for any thoughts.

Oh, and I almost forgot - go check out Rachel's kickass forum. She's trying to get some new people to join, so go on over and meet the rest of the crazies. It's a fun place - go there now - I, the cripple one, demand it.

Random Happenings

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

Interesting tidbits

Just a few cool and strange random things have been happening lately and I felt like sharing.

Stella's New 'Sneaks
With her new 15" wheels, Stella, my Miata, is lookin' mighty fine. Now, however, I have this strange phobia about curbs - whenever I pass near one I am silently panicking inside that I may brush up against one and scratch up my new rims. Curbs are the devil and I'm deathly afraid of them - I now try to avoid them at all costs.

The coolest thing, though, had to be the other day. I was driving out of a very small little community out in Prairieville this past Saturday. I was at a four-way stop, about to turn left. It was a gorgeous day and I had the top down. As I turned my head to the right to check for traffic I saw this young girl on a bicycle riding up down and the street. I'd say she was about 10 or 11, but who can tell how old kids today are? Her eyes lit up and she yelled out, "Wow, tight car!" I laughed, waved and yelled "Thank you!" As I drove off, I saw her in the rearview mirror waving at me. Tight car. That was just great.

Betty or Betty Sue?
I was in the waiting room of the doctor's office yesterday, happily reading the first Jamie book when a nurse opened the door. I heard her call out in a loud voice, "Betty Smith." No one answered. She called out again, even louder. Still nothing. The third time I, along with everyone else, glanced up and around the room. The nurse looked down at the chart in her hands and then tried again, "Betty Sue Smith?" Right then a woman sitting in a seat closest to the door the nurse was standing at jumped up, "That's me!" she sang out cheerfully and started grabbing her things. I couldn't figure out if she just didn't put two and two together and realize it might just be her the nurse was looking for, or she if she had some kind of hard-on about her name and refused to answer to anything else. The nurse looked at her like she wanted to throttle her.

You Waving at Me?
So I was trying to be nice again (will I ever learn my lesson?) and let a guy out. The light turned green, the parking lot he was leaving was right in front of me, so I politely paused to let him out. Dumbshit was on the phone, so subsequently driving with one hand, and he pulled out too far - swerving into the other lane. The vehicle there paused, not politely but out of necessity, and he waved at the guy. He gave the "thank-you-for-letting-me-out" wave to the guy he almost sideswiped, but he didn't give me a wave. He looked me right in the eye before pulling out, and knew I was letting him out - but he didn't thank me. He thanked the other guy for letting him be an asshole and swerve into his lane because he was talking rather than driving. I had half a mind to ram him from behind after that - but I figured he wasn't worth messing up my "tight car" over.

Money, Not Honey
I returned home yesterday and saw that I had a message on our new answering machine. Baret was standing right there, so I hit Play to hear this older black woman slurring into the phone, "Ya know ya there, so ya better pick up. It's not money - oh no - it's honey, baby. Ahhhh....fuck it." Or something along those lines.

All Hail, Bacchus!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Oh yay!!! Bacchus has arrived!!!!

Romp Cooties Anyone?

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

After reading Rose's post about the guy that found her blog through the search query "I caught my wife letting my dog fuck her", I thought I'd pop into my various trackers and see how people are finding me these days.

Along with the various assortment and strange add-ons to the word "anima":
anima yahoo skin, how to get anima, free anima fucking, good anima, dirty anima, anima fairy pictures, anima boys cute, anima biggest dick, evil anima blogs, anima panties, anima toys, anima dating skins, anima monkeys, anima tv, sex anima, anima girlfriend, movie chicken anima, anima showing everything, resin anima, and, my favorite, coffee anima

was also this gem you see here below, which I think tops even the dog-fucking-wife:
my dad gave me a enema i was a bad girl

I really have no words except to ask, how did that bring them here??

And what in the hell are "anima panties" anyway? My guess is that this all more people who can't spell and are just leaving off "l" in animal. Right? I hope so. Then again, after re-reading a few of those, maybe I don't.

Another of note was "adam fluck cubs". What in the hell is that? Is it a person? It is a thing, a phrase, a toy, a newly discovered planet? Did they find it here? If you like that, then you'll enjoy this one that is a new favorite of mine as well: romp cooties.
"Let's have a good romp in the sack, dear."
"I don't know - can't you get 'romp cooties' from doing that, darling?"

Romp cooties? Wtf are romp cooties?

I also thought you'd like to know that I've invented a new short-hand curse phrase. Omfg is one of my favorite short-hand curse phrases in the world - but I will now add to the list smfdasob; pronounced smoof-da-sob. It's short for stupid, mother-fucking, dumbass son-of-a-bitch. So if you read here regularly, get used to it - you will see it again. Smfdasob.

The New & Improved Patio

Monday, March 22nd, 2004

Take a Sunday afternoon with nothing planned (I'd forgotten such things exist), one ready and willing person and one begrudging but willing person, two trips to Wal-Mart and $230 spent and what do you have? Shanna & Baret's new and improved patio area.

It's lovely! Thanks to everyone for the ideas. We went to Super Wal-Mart Saturday evening and I was just over-whelmed. So many plants - what did I want? Where would I put what? What in the hell was I doing here? We decided it'd be best to go home, have another look at the patio, lay out a rudimentary landscape-idea on paper and do some heavy Internet research on hardy yet pretty (i.e. attractive + not-easy-to-kill) plants.

Sunday I was much better prepared. Though we had to make two trips (you try fitting a large amount of plants, patio accessories & such in a Miata), and didn't even get to planting 'til after noon, it was worth the effort. There are three beds - one we're not doing anything much to just yet as a large tree is in that keeps it carpeted in a thick layer of leaves; it also doesn't get much sun. That's a later project. The two smaller beds, before we started, contained a bunch of Indian heather shrubs. Little shrubberies with small, pretty purple flowers on them. Since they were pretty, and needed to be thicked, we moved all of them to the corner bed and bordered it with white begonias (a flower that's super hardy and I've worked with before). The other bed has a beautiful rose climbing a trellis on the end next to the fence, is bordered with colorful petunias and has four bright snapdragon plants in the center. All very colorful.

We flanked the little goldfish pond-thingy with two little topiary-looking miniature rose bushes (called "Hot & Spicy") and a planter with white begonias behind. I planted white begonias around the small tree in the big, ugly planter and the stone candle and angels I have there. There are also two large potted impatiens and two beautiful hanging ivys that our neighbors threw away this morning! Baret took them out the trash and we hung them up; who throws away good, healthy plants? Only the 'bamas.

We also bought two new tiki torches - these are durable metal and in Oriental-style, so they match my yard perfectly.

Words don't do it justice, so I'll have to post some pics. We're not near done - we have big plans for the goldfish's living area. But that will have to be a summer project. I didn't intend to spend over $200 on fixing up the patio!

Today I'm all sore, cut up and sunburnt - but it feels wonderful. Every little thing I do that makes that place a little more "my home" just warms me up inside. I never thought I'd so enjoy being comfortable and settled. Even if we're only renting; I'm finding as I grow older that security is a nice thing. Just up 'til a few years ago I still made statements like "I hope I never settle down" or "I am undomesticatable and proud of it" or "I wouldn't even buy a house b/c I'd hate the idea that I may be stuck in one place for the rest of my life". But lately I find myself treasuring my little nook of the world and making it mine, and being rather content to stay there for awhile.

Tonight we're going to chill on the new patio (after jumping on Everquest real quick to save one of Baret's character's rotting corpses), have a bottle of red wine and barbq. Hope everyone has just as pleasant an evening.


Friday, March 19th, 2004

I awoke this morning not to the annoying womp-womp-womp of my alarm, but to the sounds of birdsong outside my window.

My first thought was, "Oh gods, be quiet" as I was ripped from peaceful slumber. But as I began to awake more fully I realized just what I was hearing. I haven't heard birds chirping outside of my window in months. In fact, since we moved here just this past fall, I haven't heard it at all. I smiled, feeling very happy, because I knew that the cheerful and much varied chirps I was hearing were the first announcements of spring. Welcome Spring!

I was just thinking last nite that spring had snuck up on us. Looking at my almanac, I realized that the Spring Equinox, and therefore Ostara, were on Saturday. I hadn't seen it approaching!

(Also, for those that might be interested, I found out that Saturday is, without a doubt, the day of new beginnings! Not only is it the first day of spring, but it is also a New Moon - and on that springtime equinox & New Moon day the Sun and Moon will be moving into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. I just thought that was all pretty damn neat.)

I wish I celebrated the Pagan holidays more faithfully. The truth of the matter is, I'm just lazy. The old, regular holidays are already planned out for me - okay, Christmas, put up a tree and buy gifts. Easter, dye some eggs and eat chocolate. There's no set rules for the Pagan holidays, which I like, but at the same time when you're the only one you know who wants to celebrate or even cares that it's a holiday, it's just not as fun. Everyone knows that holidays spent alone aren't near as special or inspiring. Still, that's a cop out. My ever-ready to party friends would be more than happy to come on over if I announced an Ostara party; we who also celebrate the Chinese New Year & Mexico's Day of the Dead with festivities. They'd even be interested to learn what it's all about; I have awesome friends. So, I'm just lazy. Every year at Samhain I promise myself, "I'm going to be better this year - I'm going to actually celebrate the Pagan holidays" (they have so much more meaning to me than the usual ones) and every year I don't. Maybe this new beginnings Ostara, though, is the time to start.

Anyway, about the birdsong. I read somewhere once (it might've been in Linda Goodman's "Star Signs") that birdsong actually encourages the plants to grow. That's why they are singing. Isn't that just a lovely thought?

I'm going to start gardening in my patio soon and need some suggestions. What's good for a novice gardener to try and grow? Something fairly easy to keep up with, low maintenance (b/c I'm lazy) but that looks nice. I plan to grow some food & herbs as well, so any such suggestions are welcome. This is the biggest garden area I've had to work with yet so I'm very excited. I'll keep you updated on my progress via pictures.

I'm out - it's Friday and I can wear jeans to work today. That makes everything alright with the world.