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Archive for July, 2005

Proof that The Worm and I play entirely too much Everquest

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Me, half-jokingly: Am I ever going to get any of that dick? (Referring to the fact that we've been too busy over the past two days playing games to have sex).

Worm: I don't know. It's a random spawn.

Me, snorting: More like a rare spawn.

Worm: I knew that was coming.

(At this point we're both giggling).

Me: Well, hell. I've been camping that damn thing all weekend long!

I'm not sure what's worse. The fact that this conversation took place, at all, or the fact that we both got the jokes well enough to be pissing ourselves with laughter.

Def Leppard Still Rocks

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

Coming here before, you may be aware that I'm somewhat of a Def Leppard fan. You may have noted that I am the mistress of the "Love Bites" fanlisting. You might have heard me, at some time in the past few years, refer to the band members of Def Leppard as "my motherfucking guys". What you may not know is that between the ages of 15 and 19, Def Leppard was more than my favorite band and I was much more than "somewhat of a fan". Def Leppard was the Sun, and I revolved around Them. I was obsessed with a rock band.

I know there were a lot worse things I could've been heavily into during those complex teenage years of growth and self-exploration. I had plenty of friends that were into drugs, sneaking out, and sex. Since I was too afraid of my parents to be into anything really hardcore, I ended up falling in love with a rock band. In retrospect, it wasn't a bad choice. In fact, it was a helluva lot of fun.

The concert at New Orlean's UNO Lakefront Arena this past Sunday was the fourth time I've seen Def Leppard live. The last time was in Texas, in 1996, and I actually got to meet the band afterwards. My first ever Lep concert was also at UNO in February of 1993, and I saw them again (same tour - "Adrenalize") in Baton Rouge that September. Every Def Leppard concert I've ever been to have been marked in my mental memory book as some of "the best nights of my life". This Sunday past was no exception.

They may be getting older, but they still fucking rock. My greatest compliment to the band is that the next day I had a sore throat (from screaming my fool head off) and sore arms (from the excessive pumping into the air). My mouth hurt from grinning and yelling. My head ached from screaming so loud and hard. I was sore and absolutely happy and ecstatic. My guys. They’ve still got it.

I felt like I was 16 again. And it made me realize it was time to bring "The Collection" home. Being obsessed with a rock band meant that I became an avid collector of anything remotely tied to Def Leppard - including anything that had their name or likeness attached to it. Over the years, I spent about $2000-$2500 on my Def Leppard collection. My teenage job (at a video rental store) was mainly to support my habit. But it was (and still is) something to be proud of. Back then I met collectors who'd been collecting since the band started, or even started in the Pyromania era (around '83), who were mightily impressed by my collection. Many said I had rare pieces that even the most diehard collectors hadn't been able to get their hands on.

I've no idea what my Def Leppard Collection would be worth today, though I don't really care because I have no intentions of selling any of it. I'm bringing it all home (it's been stored at my family's) and am going through it again for the first time in 10-something years. I'm re-cataloguing everything, taking pictures and scans and intend to post it all on the web for other fans to admire; or, at least, for me to gaze at all in one place. There are currently a few things missing (my three huge black binders of articles, organized by year and magazine...going back to the earliest and first articles ever written on the band, some books, my 300+ posters, and my tour programs), but I'm hoping they will be found. The rest - the albums, '45's, singles, pictures discs, fan club newsletters (that published some of my work), promo stuff, videos, audio interviews, bootlegs, old magazines, autographs, Japanese articles, etc. - I plan to start slowly going through this week. It's going to be so fun to revisit that past part of my life. When it's all up online to share with the world, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, just so you know, this old Lep fan is in love all over again.

Yeah, It’s Hot

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Bad luck & broken a/c's. For me, unfortunately, the two go hand in hand.

Every summer since I have lived on my own my a/c has broken...always at the hottest point in the summer (for those not in the know, the heat index around here lately has been in the 100's+).

My first place had an old, funky central heat/air unit that was eons old. He refused to replace it, even though it was the oldest one of all the apartments in the complex. I remember having to pour Clorox into it sometimes to "clean it out" so it would output colder air. It was really that bad.

Here, my new place is a lot nicer and the landlord much less slumlordish. He's actually very cool, but, again, the central heat/air unit is...old. He's talked about replacing the entire thing...especially after it died on us last summer around this same time. But the maintenance guy was able to get it running so I guess he figured it was ok.

Until now. I come home from work and it's hot. Now it's always hot when I get home, even the strongest a/c in the world can't combat 100+ degree weather outside. But as the sun sets, it gets cooler...this evening it did not.

As I write this, the landlord and The Worm are downstairs trying to fix it; apparently the landlord can't get in touch with his regular maintenance guy. Surely, this time of year, there are some emergency a/c-repairmen that can be called at all hours?

Regardless, I'm sitting upstairs with a fan on me, all the ceiling fans blowing and the windows opened (it might rain), butt-naked I might add, and I'm still miserably hot and sticky. (Sorry for that last mental image there).

We may be spending the night at Nodnarb's tonight.

Stay Strong

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Union Jack My heartfelt condolences and love goes out to Londoners, and all of England, during these terrible and terrifying times. We love you; stay strong.

JoJo is the Reason for the Season

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

Having JoJo home has been the most awesome, amazing thing. Every day he was a little better and today, a week-to-the-day we found him, it's almost as if he'd never left. He's gaining weight back and he's up to all of his old tricks...including harassing poor Gia.

Work has been the absolutely deranged clusterfuck of insanity. I come home exhausted. I go to bed early, and I'm up late...sometimes giving myself only 10 minutes to get ready and rush out the door. I go see the doc tomorrow and I'm going to talk to him about the fatigue accompanying the Zoloft. It's better since I'm talking half at night and half in the morning, but I'm still more exhausted than I should be.

Other than that and the non-stop whirlwind that has been my life, there's not much else to report. I miss all of you, I miss blogging and I hope I'll be able to devote some time to it again soon.

It’s a Motherfucking Miracle

Friday, July 15th, 2005

Wednesday evening Baret and I were reunited with JoJo!

I know what you're thinking...how long ago was it that he went missing?! He's been gone since June 12. Everyone's wonderful thoughts, prayers, and candle-lighting worked. Our baby is home.

He's malnourished and a little skittish (doesn't like being alone) but is otherwise fine...considering that for the past month he's been stuck under someone's decking in a hole not big enough for him to stand or turn around in. A month.

We're guessing he survived by eating bugs and/or grass, and drinking puddles of rainwater that collected in his small, dirt prison. Jo has always been a remarkable cat and this just proves that even more.

I can't begin to tell you the shock and overwhelming joy I felt when The Worm walked into the patio holding him. I lost it, crying...I was completely in shock. We brought him inside and he was freaking out, too. He couldn't decide between telling us all about his ordeal, eating and rubbing on Mama. He'd try to eat, so fast I thought he was going to puke, and talk around the food.."marow, rooow, roow," then he'd run to me and rub on me (I was sitting on the floor), then, starving, he'd run back to the food, devour a few bites whole, then run back to me. I scooted over to the food bowl so he could eat and love on me (and I, on him) at the same time! I just couldn't believe he was there.

A trip to the vet the next day revealed that he's ok...though with a slight fever. The doc was very concerned about all of the missing hair (and a few sores) on his inner thighs and legs and tummy (I'm guessing from having his belly against the ground for so long). He's on a ton of meds, every few hours, but he doc said as long as he's eating and drinking normally (he sure is!) he'll be fine.

Just wanted to thank you..all of you...for your thoughts, positive come-home-JoJo energy, burning candles and/or prayers. Whatever you did...it worked. Our little family is back together, and JoJo is home where he belongs. Everyone (excluding Gia who was loving being the only child more than anything) is so very happy!