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Michael Vick is Black?!

Monday, July 30th, 2007

This shows you just how much I pay attention to sports.

When I first heard about some pro-sports player being arrested for running a dog-fighting kennel, I thought, "What a low-life piece of shit, if that's true", wondered if he was really to blame or being framed, and moved on with my life.

I kept an eye on the story when it appeared because anything involving cruelty to animals bothers me terribly; I like to see justice done in such cases.  I had no opinion about Michael Vick other than, if he was guilty, I hoped they'd tar and feather him.

I wake up this morning and see the NAACP moaning and crying about "unfairly" judging this man "before his trial" regardless of any evidence that has come to light so far.  And then it hit me.  Michael Vick is black.

Which means, of course, not only is he black - he's innocent because he's black.

Does that make me a racist?  No, but it does make everyone crying "he wouldn't be getting this kind of backlash if he were white" so.

Why is it everything - and I mean everything - that gets media coverage when a black person does (or is accused of doing) something wrong, the NAACP immediately screams "racism"?  So, if you're black and you do something wrong, you're absolved from all guilt simply because the white man enslaved your ancestors a century ago?  Uh...?

I'd imagine this riles the intelligent, non-racist members of the black community as much as everyone else.  Just as the terrorists don't speak for all - or even most - Muslim people, or the hardcore evangelists don't speak for all - or even most - Christians, I don't believe the racist blacks with their delusions of racism speak for all - or even most - of our darker skinned brothers and sisters.

It's not to say that racism doesn't exist, but does it really need to be the center point of everything involving black people - or any people, for that matter?

Whether or not Michael Vick tortured and killed dogs has little to do with whether he's black, blue, or green.  His sponsors are dumping him and his teammates are turning away from him because cruelty to defenseless, innocent animals is a horrible thing for anyone to be involved with - regardless of the pigment of their skin.  No sane person or organization would want to be associated with that.

I feel the same about this issue as I did before I learned Michael Vick was a black man...if he's found guilty, bring down the full force of the law on his ass.  If he's not, then bring it down on whoever is.  There's no reason to bring race into this - it simply has no bearing on the issue whatsoever.  If you think it does, maybe you need to look at who's really "racist".

Read A Book

Friday, July 20th, 2007

A Public Service Announcement encouraging young people to read, and other important things - please watch:

PSA Read A Book