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To The Whore In The Four-Door Jeep

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

The days of common courtesy and earning your own way are long dead. Instead, we're stuck with a burgeoning new generation that contains a frightening large majority of whiny, useless, spoon-fed, punks who think the world owes them and their shit doesn't stink. They are a throw-away generation; a mass of coddled brats who broke every flashy electronic and wrecked every expensive car their parents bought them because they had no concept of respect for personal property. If it broke, their parents simply bought them another one. They had allowances and their own credit cards, yet never lifted a finger to do a chore. They never had to earn or want for anything, so they never learned to appreciate what they had.

Today, most of them are in college, plowing away at useless degrees and partying like rock stars while their parents foot the bill. They're obnoxious and rather proud of it, and couldn't give a shit less who they step on or over as they tumble effortlessly into the high-paying jobs that Daddy's connections will get them. The ideas of common courtesy, respect, etiquette, and philanthropy are completely foreign to them.

The Worm and I happened to have a run-in with one of these wastes of oxygen just a few minutes earlier, and I'm here to show you - by example - exactly what type of people I am talking about.

We were driving home in the last throes of Baton Rouge traffic after picking up my car at the mechanics (I now have a working a/c). I was in my Miata, and The Worm was behind me in our Dodge truck. We were sitting at the light on Lee Drive, waiting to cross over Perkins, and continue on to College Drive. There is a building being built on the corner of Lee and Perkins, most like an addition to the assisted living facility next to it. At this construction site, was a new, black, four-door Jeep; they're all the rage these days with college kids whose fathers believe their children should drive around campus in leather seats.

As you know, I am - when driving - paying attention to everything going on around me. I noted the Jeep, its front end sort of pointing awkwardly towards Lee and Perkins. It was occupied and running, but the person behind the wheel was rifling through papers in her lap and not watching traffic nor looking to get in and her blinkers were not on.

I assumed she was waiting for someone and did not need to get out. Yet, the minivan in front of me paused for a second, when the light turned green, to let her out - yet she did not go. Now, obviously I was within reason to assume the flashy vehicle did not need to get into traffic and I proceeded to follow the minivan and go...

It was at this moment, without looking and without warning, the black Jeep began to simply pull out in front of me - me and the umpteen number of vehicles behind me all patiently waiting to go through the green light. Surprised, I slammed on my brakes - I was moving after at this time - and horned, thinking perhaps she hadn't seen me (that happens when you're in a Miata).

Whether she saw me or not apparently did not matter to this bright youth of tomorrow - all that mattered was that she was going, and that was that. I learned this when she, in response to my screeching brakes and bleeting horn, stopped midway out into the lane, turned around in her seat and looked at me through her driver's side window, grinned at me as if to say "There is NOTHING you can do about it" and flipped me off.

The Worm, behind me, saw this going on and was as shocked and infuriated as me. He began laying on his horn, which I was now doing non-stop. She was holding up an entire line of traffic simply to let me know that when she wants to go, honey, she gets to go. Daddy says so.

She then proceeded to go as slowly as she possibly could, and before she took a right turn onto Perkins, made sure to spin her muddy tires and spray the front of my car with mud.

You know, pulling out in front of me is one thing.  That's downright shitty to begin with but, screw it, it happens.  But to make a point of stopping - and halting traffic - just to point out to me that "Hey, yeah, I DID IT and you can't do SHIT about it!" is just beyond the pale.  I mean, what a fucking stupid cuntrag whore.

Still, if you think I'm taking this much more calmly than normal, you're right. It isn't that I didn't want to pull the bitch out of her pricey Jeep in Daddy's name by her little blonde ponytail and bitchslap every last little bit of sense out of her. It's not that I wasn't mouthing "FUCKING MOVE, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" to her during the entire episode, either (oh, you know I was). It's just that, after the anger and shock faded, I was just depressed. Depressed at a society that is being taken over by bitchy, stuck-up kids (this girl was about college-age) with no regard for anything other than themselves and their own agenda.

Common courtesy and respect are dead. I saw them run over today by a stupid whore in a four-door Jeep. That, folks, is just fucking depressing.

This Is Not Normal

Monday, August 13th, 2007

When a gigantic Lego man was seen bobbing in the waters just off Zandvoort, a Dutch resort, folks decided to haul him in...

And their curiosity - according to the news report I read - pretty much ended there.

The Dutch seemed to accept the presence of 8' tall Lego man without question; letting their children play on and around the huge replica bearing a shirt that reads "NO REAL THAN YOU ARE".

No one seems to think his appearance odd or even the slightest out of the ordinary.


He is an eight foot tall LEGO MAN replica wearing a creepy shirt. This is not something you pull up on the beach and let your children play on...am I the only one freaked out by Mr. Lego Man here?

Where did he come from?! Why was he made?! Why is no one just a little bit freaked out by his presence?!

I mean - does anyone here sound concerned?  Do they even care where he came from or why?  Has no one heard of the Trojan horse??

Giant Lego man found in Dutch sea
Wed Aug 8, 10:23 AM ET

A giant, smiling Lego man was fished out of the sea in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort on Tuesday.

Workers at a drinks stall rescued the 2.5-meter (8-foot) tall model with a yellow head and blue torso.

"We saw something bobbing about in the sea and we decided to take it out of the water," said a stall worker. "It was a life-sized Lego toy."

A woman nearby added: "I saw the Lego toy floating toward the beach from the direction of England."

The toy was later placed in front of the drinks stall.


Scotty Vanity – I Like Your Style

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

You might not have heard of Scotty Vanity, songster and fun-guy of MySpace and MySpaceTV fame with his hit Internet single I Like Your Hair, and that's a shame. Scotty is upbeat and fun, and his music is undeniably catchy - pshyeah.

Scotty may not be the next Justin Timberlake (yet, anyway) but he has a talent for making music and being himself in a way that is at once refreshing and amusing. He makes you laugh and sing-a-long. while you secretly wish he could become your new shopping buddy. He's down-to-earth and approachable while still being absolutely fabulous.

That's my take anyway, and there's no denying his legion of fans feel the same. Scotty is loved and adored, and even supported, by a small army of Internet fans. That's a beautiful thing.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, things are not so beautiful; in fact, they are terrifyingly ugly. For as many people that respect Scotty's individuality and funky sense of fun, there are just as many that hate him, revolt against him, and, according to their posturing safely behind a computer screen, claim to want him dead.


Why the hate? One has to believe it's because Scotty chooses to be himself - in a world that still, even after all the advances we've made, believes boys shouldn't love fashion and hot pink stilettos, or enjoy singing about the woes of clumpy mascara. If said boy does choose such ideals to be a part of his personal sense of style, woe to him.

Seriously, when Scotty Vanity chose to step out and share himself with the world - style and all - he was belittled as much as he was lauded. You'd think he was the anti-Christ with the pack of hounds circling his profiles and calling for his crucifixion.

I want to take a moment to share with you some of the pure venom and hate, some of the horrible, negative, evil things people are saying to this sixteen year-old boy on his MySpace profile. It takes a real, big person to sit and spew vitriol behind a computer screen, don't you think? (God-awful spelling, grade-school grammar, and general massacring of the English language by these highly intelligent beings left as found)

God Damn ur such a Fucking fag, i fucking hate fag ass emo pussies. i wanna do girls not their fucking make-up. i fucking hate guys who look like girls what the fuck r u trying to be? a drag queen.? - Supreme Vampiric Evil {*}

Highly comical, isn't it? Someone calling themselves "Supreme Vampiric Evil" bitching about someone else being "emo". No critique of Scotty's video or music, notice - just a random rant about SVE's hate of "fag ass emo pussies".

umm...can i have the last 3 minutes of my life back?? really gay - Jill Unit

Jill's reason for not liking Scotty's music? It's "really gay". Whether Scotty is or isn't (he's sixteen - let's not go there), it's not a reason to dislike his music. It's fun - but apparently if you're snooty or have no sense of humor, it's just "gay" and, therefore, stupid. What a bigot.

wow your the BIGGEST fag i have ever seen you fucking fag...get a life wow suck a cock you fucking emo peice of shit - !~ChUcK~!

Interesting words coming from a man who puts little squiggly lines and doodads around his name, eh? You know what they say about those who "hate" something so intensely...

It's terrible, really. It's not that they aren't entitled to their opinions - as hateful as they may be - they are. But to write such horrible things to this young man, for no reason other than he's being himself...am I the only one upset by this?

fucking homo dont even come and put shit like this for society to veiw... - Wesley Gasper

Just...wow. This goes beyond not liking the music. This is hate, pure hate, for a group of people that they perceive Scotty to be a part of (gays, in this instance). It's hate for no other reason than fear and ignorance...but the venom with which it is brought forth is just sad.

woww you are the bigest homo ive ever seennn go have a parade or something, poop pusher - Mike.

I know, you can't take anyone with grammar that bad seriously. I just added this one for the laugh factor.

Ummm two things...... Get a job, and stop being a filthy degenerate. I see wierdos like you all day asking for change - Zach

Again, someone assuming - and then making all kinds of ridiculous, biased assumptions - because Scotty wears make-up and sings about dancing. So gay people (and again, I'm not saying Scotty Vanity is gay, but that is what these asshats are assuming) are "filthy degenerates" who become homeless beggars...wow. Who knew? Guess I better go tell all my gay friends they got it all wrong by being successful and providing for themselves!

Then there are the ones bringing his parents - and their either expected disapproval or their obvious bad parenting skills - into it...

i hope u kill urself or ur parents die from the pathetic excuss of a kid - Big Fuzzy-PANDA GOD OF PANDATOPIA


if i was ur dad i would cut your fuckin homo face off and feed it to the dogs. then i would leave you muther. - IF IT JAMS...FORCE IT

Charming. I have a feeling Scotty's parents are right proud of their son. At sixteen, he's not afraid to be himself and is already in the beginnings of a successful career. One wonders what the prodigies who left these bright comments are doing with themselves.

WTF is THIS! god did not want men to be this way you crazy confused ....... homo whyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyy yyy - Andrew™†

This kid has trademarked the cross, meaning, of course, that he knows what God intended for the world and what He doesn't like. Scary thought, isn't it?

This is far from all of the hate and cruelty spewed on Scotty's pages; it's just a sampling. Why even share it? Just to show that there is still a lot of work to be done in spreading love, tolerance, and acceptance in this world. Scotty Vanity should not be chastised because of who he is; it's just that simple. At the end of the day, he's more centered, happy, and confident in self than every one telling him he's "wrong", "going to burn in hell", and a "degenerate".

Scotty Vanity is daring to be himself in a world that prefers, and often demands, conformity. For that, I simply adore him - and also because I just can not get "I like your hair..." out of my head. As I said in my comment, "keep being fun, beautiful you, Scotty."