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Post-Christmas Survey

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Nabbed this from the always lovely Darling Niki over at MySpace.

I always, for memory's sake, like to keep a list of what I received for Christmas...this little meme allows me to do that and record a few of 2007 Christmas's memorable events. Cheers.

1. Who did you spend your Christmas with?
Christmas Eve with Baret's family & Christmas day with mine. Ava was there, and that must *made* the holiday.

2. What did you get?
Actually I like to make a list of this every year for posterity, so here we go:
From Mom I got - as always - many great things...a slew of books from my Amazon Wish List, including When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka, Wonder When You'll Miss Me and Circling the Drain by Amanda Davis, Pregnant Darkness by Monika Wikman, Erotic Astrology by Olivia, More Messages from Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and a new coffee table book (I collect these), Mythology. Also from my list, one of the Future Sounds of Jazz series (I want to own them all), Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 8. There was also a lovely, little sleep pant-set and four new shirts (which I needed). The only time I dress with any sense of style is when I wear clothes Mom and Amber buy for me or hand down to me. She also thew in the game Prison Tycoon 2: Maximum Security - while the game engine itself needs some work, I actually enjoy playing it (I'm a gamer - I can enjoy playing just about anything). Of course, she - as always - included my old stand-by, Witches' Calendar 2008. There was one year she forgot to get it for me and, I tell you, it was a miserable year! I was all off not knowing where the planets or when the Moon would be full. I must have this calendar every year, you see - it's a prerequisite in my life.

My sister got me The Golden Girls: The Complete First Season on DVD; I'm already more than halfway through it. I love this show! My brother got me a $25 gift certificate to Amazon. My "step-father" got me this awesome book, The Dead Guy Interviews by Michael A. Stusser (I'm already finished reading it!). From my grandfather, I received Dexter - The First Season on DVD and the book, Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, from which the show is based. Dad got us a new set of bath towels to add to the set he got us last year (we needed them). I received a beautiful glass candlestick from Baret's Dad (and a $100!) and a box of assorted teas (Tazo - yum!) from Baret's sister & her family. Baret's Mom sent us some money - more than she should have, the dear.

If there is anymore, I honestly can't remember it right now.

3. Where did you go for dinner?
We had Christmas dinner (supper) with my family at my grandfather's, as we do every year.

4. What time did you get up?
About 6am - my sis was the only other person in the house stirring. Slowly everyone joined us - but nothing began until Ava woke up.

5. Any traditions you carried on?
Just everyone joining up at Pa's for the second wave of Christmas Day.

6. What was the best gift you got?
That's a tough one - everything was really great. I really did love the clothes I got from Mom - they were all very much needed and all soo cute and flattering.

7. Who do you wish you spent Christmas with?
Those who know, know.

8. Did you do anything Christmas night?
On Christmas Eve, we met up at The Worm's uncle's for their traditional firework blow-out. His uncle spends a few hundred bucks on fireworks, there are huge pots of gumbo, and everyone just hangs out, watches the show, and has a lovely time.

9. Did you get engaged on Christmas Day?
No...but I honestly thought it might happen.

10. Did you get a pet for Christmas?
No, I did not.

11. What did you really want for Christmas but didn't get?
Tabla drums - but I wasn't expecting any.

12. Who bought you presents?
The usual suspects.

13. Overall how was your Christmas?
Getting to have it with Ava made it absolutely wonderful and magical.

14. Did you go shopping the day after christmas?
Oh hell no - never have, never will.

15. What did you buy?
Gifts for, again, the usual suspects.

16. Did you have to return anything?

17. What was the worst gift you got?
They all rocked.

18. Was the mall crowded the day after Christmas?
I wasn't shopping, but was stuck at work. Though, had I been home, I still would not have known because I refuse to face the stores on that day.

19. Did you have to work on the day after Christmas?
Yes. Normally we have off and work Christmas Eve, but because the eve fell on Monday this year, they switcheroo'ed it.

A Loss, A Terrible Loss

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

It's too new and too raw - know only that the world has loss an amazing artist and truly special man.

Dan Fogelberg.

Dan...as he's been in my family since memory...you will be missed.

Lori Drew is One Sick Lady

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

A blog has been floating around since the Megan Meier story exploded called Megan Had It Coming...many surmised it was the work of Lori Drew herself - and it appears now that it was.

If you've ever been interested in reading the words of a true sociopath, I invite you to do so by giving this blog a read - especially the December 3rd post, "I'm Lori Drew". It is truly disturbing to listen to this woman try to defend herself and her actions, seeming to honestly believe she had justification for going after a 13 year-old child as if she were a child herself. Yes, you heard me - she believes she did nothing wrong in attempting to teach Megan a lesson for "hurting" her own daughter. Sick doesn't even begin to describe it.

I also highly suggest you give a read to this well-done post, "Lori Drew Becomes the Witch-Victim" on the blog, odd time signatures. She - coming from experience dealing with people like Lori Drew - explains the sociopathic vein running just underneath the surface of Lori Drew's words.

The name of Lori's blog, itself, speaks volumes - shes chooses to call a blog defending her position and actions by titling it Megan Had It Coming.  No child - regardless of their angst-driven teen antics - deserves to be manipulated and baited by an adult. Lori Drew writes her confession and honestly believes you should - after reading it - understand her reasoning for creating a fake MySpace profile to lure, monitor, and then "teach a lesson to" an impressionable, confused, adolescent girl. Her take on the entire situation is as baffling as it is disturbing.

The law does not see fit - or can not be used - to gain justice for Megan, or to stop other sociopath parents from going after vulnerable children in "defense" of their own offspring. It leaves that up to you parents; be vigilant in knowing who your children are talking to and what they are doing online, and off the computer. There are many Lori Drews out there - let Megan's needless death be your warning call.

Emily Sanders – Murdered, Then Crucified

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

When Emily Sanders, an 18 year-old college student from El Dorado, Kansas, became an Internet nude model on her own, small pay website in September of this year, she had no way of knowing it would be used to tarnish her image and hamper an investigation into her own murder in the months to come.

In an unrelated and unfortunate circumstance, on November 23, Emily met up with 24 year-old Israel Mireles; the father of a pregnant 16 year-old girl's unborn child and the man who would end her life. After being seen leaving a bar with Israel, Emily went missing - as did Israel and his pregnant girlfriend. A hotel room he had occupied, and Emily had supposedly followed him to, was found covered in blood.

Emily's body was discovered the first week of December, but Mireles and his girlfriend remained missing; his family - who lived near where Mireles had abandoned his vehicle - have refused to cooperate with police or offer any helpful information.

For Emily's family, friends, and loved ones the nightmare that no one should have to face - having someone you know and love brutally murdered - has been tinged with an even greater pain: having the media turn Emily into a bad-girl, Internet porn star.

The fact is, she was not. Emily had decided to begin a small-time, pay-for-view website that provided, to members, tasteful nude photographs of herself. No sex, no porn. Nude modeling; not pornographic videos.

Even more upsetting is that police have indicated the media's aggressive coverage of this aspect of Emily's private life has nearly "crippled" their investigation into her disappearance and then murder. Due to the media's damning headlines, some believe her sideline business had something to do with her murder, even though police have repeatedly stated there is no evidence to support anything to that effect. In fact, the media's repeated statements about the "missing and murdered porn star" even allude to the fact that Emily, for participating in immoral behavior, somehow deserved the terrible crimes committed against her. The old "she asked for it" platitude seems to float just below the surface of each news story.

Emily is dead; her young and hopeful life cut short and ruined. Her loved ones' lives also have been destroyed and broken - yet, despite their pain, the media chooses to splash the untrue "porn star" moniker across dozens of headlines simply for garnering readership. As if the horror of Emily's murder is not enough, the press feels the need to glorify and dazzle its' audience with titillating words - even though they are not true, hamper the investigation, and hurt the surviving family and friends.

Is murder not newsworthy enough that the media had to concoct and goad a false and trumped up allegation about this young woman's life?

Now Emily has had her life ruined twice - once, on the day Israel Mireles ended it, and again when the media emblazoned the image of Emily Sanders as naughty "porn star" in the minds of the world. To be murdered was horrible enough, poor Emily did not deserve to be crucified as well.