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July 15th, 2009

Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend or Publicity Stunt to Push New Clothes Line?

I, for reasons unknown to me but which I am sure go way, far down into my psyche, am fascinated lately with all things Gosselin.

Before my affliction fascination began, I had never even watched Jon & Kate Plus 8, as I am not much into reality TV and even less into reality TV that involves an inordinate amount of screaming kids.  Those are the kinds of things that make me want to reach in and rip my uterus out.

Yet, around the time the Gosselin's marriage began to crumble, I - like a large number of Americans - suddenly gained interest.  Again, I was not alone in this phenomenon as evidenced by the fact that, as the Gosselin's marriage grew weaker, their ratings grew stronger.

I wanted to believe this was due to a shared understanding of the human condition; that others could simply relate to the Gosselin's pain. Yet, despite my highest hopes, I knew it had more to do with the usual draw of "reality" TV - hoping to see someone fight, cry, puke, or die, than with any sort  of actual compassion.

So it is - always with great shame - that I find myself reading just about any article I come across that has anything about Jon, Kate, or their 8 (see how I just did that?)

I was doing some of that guilty reading earlier this evening when I came across an article that seemed utterly ridiculous; even for the media-whores that are the Gosselins.

The article itself was simply another in the vast deluge of stories that have spewed forth since this past weekend when Jon Gosselin was spotted out with a "girlfriend" on a tropical vacation.

The story grew, with each successive piece, into a more sordid tale:  The "girlfriend" was Kate's tummy-tuck doctor's daughter.  The "vacation" was an exclusive, 3-day trip to St. Tropez that was funded by Christian Audigier, the designer of Jon's favorite clothing line - Ed Hardy.  Jon and his girlfriend were staying on Audigier's private yacht; Jon and Audigier, it is revealed, are in talks to work together on a new clothing line for kids.  That the Gosselin kids are going to model.  Of course.

However, the gig was up before it even started.  The media wasn't so stupid as to be blindsided by the hand-holding "couple" and  Jon's suddenly sponsored "holiday" by a benefactor who was just happy Jon wore his clothes a lot:

One source says it's no coincidence that Jon brought Hailey along on his trip.

Jon coming on his own or Christian meeting him at an office in L.A. is not going to get them that much coverage," an insider says. "Jon walking around St.-Tropez in an Ed Hardy T-shirt with a new girlfriend on his arm is going to get them extra press inches, which is what they want."

Mission accomplished, apparently.

Apparently. It seems Jon and Audigier even went so far as to start an "engagement' rumor by summoning a celeb-favored jeweler for a "private showing" on Audigier's yacht; all under the premise that Jon and Hailey were looking at rings and hinting at a possible engagement.  Later, Hailey was reported sporting the rock on her finger at a nightclub, further churning the rampant rumor mill.

See Jon Gosselin Purchaes Ring, Secretly Engaged,

The whole stunt is so over-the-top and glaringly apparent even the press - painfully aware of the ridiculous plot - is disgusted:

Alright, that is enough, Source. We can't take anymore. This is the longest Ed Hardy commercial ever. Or longest Jon & Kate Plus 8 promo ever. Either way, if we have to mention Christian Audigier one more time, something bad will happen."


The truth of the matter is, though:  They can have Jon prance around a tropical isle in Ed Hardy clothes with a young bimbo strapped to his arm whom he promises his undying love to, all while expressing a desire to get married before the ink has even been affixed to his divorce papers, *all you want* - the fact is, this clothing line will only ever be as popular as any flash-in-the-pan celebrity's ever was (i.e. it will eventually flop and die a slow, painfully righteous death).

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2 Responses to “Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend or Publicity Stunt to Push New Clothes Line?”

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    Jon Gosselin S Girlfriend | All Days Long says:

    [...] Digitopus » Blog Archive » Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend or … By Shanna Riley The "vacation" was an exclusive, 3-day trip funded by Christian Audigier, the designer of Jon's favorite clothing line – Ed Hardy. Jon and his girlfriend were staying on Audigier's private yacht; the pair, it is revealed, … Digitopus – http://digitopus.com/ No tags for this post. [...]

  2. Ghem
    Ghem says:

    Jon Gosselin is becoming a womanizer these days. If i were him, i would just focus on my wife and my kids.

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