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July 23rd, 2003

Diamond in the Rough

It's almost lunch!! Though I can't complain - the day has been speeding by; due, I'm sure, to the fact that I've spent most of it re-designing the layout of this blogger (you like?). Well, fuck ya if you don't; really doesn't matter to me.

I also spent some time away from designing (because I had a damn headache) and browsing other Bloggers....which is like wading through an over-stuffed junk drawer. Lots of useless crap and broken thingamajigs to dig through before you can find an actual gem.

That's just how I happened on Rose just last nite. I'd hit up her Blogger a few days earlier and was quite impressed; we shared a lot of similar views and she had a way of just writing about her everyday life that was absorbing. When I saw she was online, I sent her an IM - surprising her that I wasn't another Internet horndog looking for sex or pictures of "boobs".

Which brings me to the point of this seemingly pointless drivel...the influx of idiots I've had to deal with online since restoring my instant messaging programs has been, well, overwhelming - which reminded me why I got rid of them in the first place years ago. I got so agitated, that I wrote a rant about it; which I posted on my website (shameless self-plug there). I realized that, on my website, my rants hardly never get read. Most of the people that go there just get in long enough to see that I have tits in my photo gallery before IMing me wanting to see photos of them. And I'm proud of my opinionated, bitchy little rants - they were the main reason I created the site in the first place - sooooo - I decided I'd start publishing them here. They might have a better chance of getting read on a Blogger than sitting on my way-too-much-crap-on-it-the-first-place website (I can't stop!). And, not that you care but just for reference anyway, I'll distinguish between a regular post and a rant by putting the title of Rant at the top of those particular posts. Just so you know.

With that, I bid you farewell....at least for a few hours.

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