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July 30th, 2004

I Need to Get Out

Forgive me for not updating sooner, but I've been in low spirits. The constant scenery of my bedroom walls and the endless drone of nothing-I-want-to-watch on TV had been starting to get to me. In the machines, I was doing great - outside of the machines, progress wasn't what I'd been hoping for. Although I was doing everything the doc said, and more, it still seemed I wasn't progressing much further than where I'd been pre-surgery.

But yesterday evening we had a breakthrough. I was lamenting to Baret about my seemingly non-existent progress and he told me to try walking with him across the room, holding on to his hand. We did this back and forth for some time until the last two steps back to my chair, he just let go. And I walked. It may have only been two steps but it was the first two steps unaided in two years. "I walked," I said, and then dissolved into a sobbing mess. I, for the first time since it all began, felt like this was really and truly going to work - I finally had some concrete proof.

I walk really well with a brace on my leg that keeps it straight, and we're staying with that until the muscles build back up. I may have to get some type of support brace for my ankle, which now feels like it wants to snap - not used to the weight. But I'm doing well - I can make it back and forth across the room a few times using a cane, and sometimes I can even do it without the cane. No crutch shoved up under my arm - it's a weird feeling. Now I've got to come up with some decent exercises to work on the bending/flexion part; I think I need an exercise bike or something. I also plan to start swimming in the complex's pool where I live; we just recently got the pool key card.

Just wanted to let you in on the awesome news - I WALKED!! It's baby steps now, but if I keep doing it, soon it will just become old hat. My goal, seriously, is to be walking by Renaissance Festival. That sounds so geeky, but we went last year and it was my first time. I loved it, except that I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. It really marred my time there and I vowed that by next year I'd return and be walking. It's sometime around Oct-Nov. so I may just make that goal. I've even found the dress I'm going to buy - sort of my reward to myself for making it. This is it.

On a strange note - my Google ads up top are now for staples. -shudder-

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