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August 20th, 2005

I’m Going Back to NOLA…

At the end of this month, The Worm and I will hit the four year mark. It's a marker for both of us in that neither of us has ever been in a relationship this long. The Worm's never made it past two years, and my first live-in love and I made it three years and a handful of months. To mark the occasion of putting up with each other for four whole years, we decided we'd do something we've never done before - celebrate our anniversary.

No, really, we've never celebrated it. There were always things going on; when we hit the one year mark I was recovering from my first knee surgery and it passed nearly unnoticed. After that, it was never a big deal.

But this year we decided to commemorate our first date - the one that sealed the deal. It was a Counting Crows concert at The House of Blues in New Orleans.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love New Orleans? Well, I haven't been much since my leg got fucked up; and even then I was in a wheelchair. Since I'm more mobile these days (though not fixed by any means) we decided we'd get a room and party in the French Quarter like we used to do.

I'm very excited. Our hotel is only a few blocks off of the French Quarter - we check in this evening and check out tomorrow, but that's really all the time we need to get drunk on Bourbon Street.

I promise pictures when we return! And next week I also promise to come back full-force with some unusual things that have occurred that I just haven't had time to blog about before.

With that, I'm headed to the Big Easy to gulp down my first Hurricane of the day...

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