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January 3rd, 2006

2006 – The Year of Keg Stands

If 2006 turns out to be as good as the party that rang it in - I'm ready!

Baret and I went to my family's for New Year's Eve. There were meat, cheese, and veggie trays - chips, crackers, and dips galore. Champagne, wine, and a keg; all for a bash of less than 20 people.

Everyone ended up getting sotted. I got to see my Dad do a keg-stand, and then my sister - the only non-drinker in the family - do one! She's taken to indulging with us during festivities, so I've named her the "Holiday Drunk". Hey, every family needs one.

I had to put The Worm - who could no longer hold himself upright - to bed not long after 1am. He was so sick, he begged me to stay with him, and I passed out right next to him.

The next morning, the former party-house (my grandfather's) had transformed into a hospital of sorts. The able and sober were helping the hung-over to get around and were bringing them water and food. It was hilarious.

The Worm and I spent the rest of the weekend holed up inside, playing Everquest II.

I hope all of you had such a happy, and fun, New Year's!

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