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March 20th, 2006

Dancer For Money

Saturday night, I and a group of friends (two guys, three girls) made a jaunt out to Baton Rouge's premier strip joint, The Gold Club. It wasn't even close to my - or any of ours - first time.

See, I enjoy going to strip clubs - with or without my man. I always have a good time, and it's something different to do than just going out to a regular bar or club. I won't lie; I'm a fan of t&a and I can appreciate a good lap dance as much as any penised member of the species. The female body is a beautiful thing; simple as that.

It isn't something I do often because who in the hell can afford to? It's just a "sometimes" thing, and I usually have a blast. This time, however, was awful; I have never had such a terrible experience as I did at this outing to The Gold Club - which is why the manager of the Baton Rouge Gold Club is going to get a very long and querulous letter from yours truly.

See, the BR-GC has always allowed women, but, up until a few years ago, women didn't make up a large percentage of the club's patrons. These days, women seem to enjoy strip clubs a great deal more and, realizing this, the BR-GC decided to cash in. Women were no longer allowed to get in free, but had to pay a cover just like the cock-sporting group.

The women-get-in-free thing was obviously a ploy to get more women into the club; men like to see available women at strip clubs because they know there's no chance they'll be bringing one of the strippers home. That was all fine and dandy. But once the women started coming and became regular patrons - as much as the men - and began being charged, things should have changed.

As a woman who is a paying customer, I expect to be treated with the same respect and toleration as the men are. That's only fair, right?

Apparently, the BR-GC thinks differently. We were not allowed to stand up; if we did so for too long, they brought us a chair and told us we had to sit. Men were standing all around us. We were not allowed to dance - and we weren't gyrating and shakin' our groove thang as if we were at a dance club. I'm talking swaying to the music while standing or sitting in a large group of your friends. They actually told my friend that she needed an exotic license to dance while she was standing at the bar waiting on her drink. She wasn't taking her clothes off and humping the bar; she was just enjoying the music and moving her body to it a bit while she stood there.

They claim these things take away business from their strippers. How this is possible, I'm not quite sure. I'm fairly confident that the men in the club have their eyes glued to the naked and half-naked women walking around in stilettos and aren't even noticing the fully-clothed, drunk women sitting with their boyfriends.

And it isn't like we weren't spending money; a lot of money. Three of us got lap dances (two of the women, mind you), we bought loads of over-expensive beer, and tipped many dancers on the stage.

I am a paying customer, and just because I happen to be female, does not mean I should be treated so differently. Men stand up and around, and even move to the music all the time. Sure, I have tits - but mine are covered, and no one is attempting to stuff dollar bills down my pants instead of your dancers'. I'm not there to steal the limelight; I'm there to have a good time, but that's difficult to do when I'm constantly being fussed at for enjoying myself.

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