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March 21st, 2006

The Dumbest Person to Ever IM Me

That's saying something, I know. But I thought you guys would get a kick out of this one.

bigsege12: hello
bigsege12: care 4 a chat

bigsege12: u there?

vamp_lynx: Yes. hi.
bigsege12: so was the name?
vamp_lynx: What?
bigsege12: what is ur name ?
vamp_lynx: Shanna.
bigsege12: am emmanuel
bigsege12: whee u from shanna

vamp_lynx: Did you look at my profile? B/c all of that info is on there.
bigsege12: no
bigsege12: whao u look gorgeous shanna
bigsege12: so what state u from

vamp_lynx: One of the southern ones.
bigsege12: what is the state
vamp_lynx: If I wanted that info to be known, I'd of posted it in my profile.
bigsege12: ok
bigsege12: so what do u do for a livn

vamp_lynx: I play with computers.
bigsege12: huh
bigsege12: kool
bigsege12: so u got a cam pls?

vamp_lynx: No.
bigsege12: micx
vamp_lynx: Micx? No, I do not have a microphone.
bigsege12: huh
bigsege12: so tell me is that ur real picx

vamp_lynx: No, genius, I put up a picture of someone else. Of course it's me!
vamp_lynx: Why would you ask someone something like that?
bigsege12: u re gorgeous shanna
vamp_lynx: Ok.
vamp_lynx: Thanks.
bigsege12: u welcome
bigsege12: u got a fiance?

vamp_lynx: No.
bigsege12: kool
bigsege12: so what part of the southern re u in?

vamp_lynx: Haven't we gone over this?
bigsege12: what
bigsege12: i mean pls?

bigsege12: i luv to meet u in a person

vamp_lynx: Yeah, that isn't going to happen.
bigsege12: why?
vamp_lynx: B/c I don't meet complete strangers off of the Internet.
bigsege12: huh
bigsege12: it can work girl

vamp_lynx: What can work?
bigsege12: we meeting
vamp_lynx: No, it can't. For one, you don't even know where I live - we could be states away from one another. For two, I don't do that.
vamp_lynx: Do you normally want to meet people after glancing at one picture of them?
vamp_lynx: Here's another one: what part of "long-term relationship" didn't you understand from my profile?
bigsege12: come on
vamp_lynx: Come on WHAT?
bigsege12: am also single
bigsege12: i need some one in my life okay

vamp_lynx: Stupid. I'm NOT SINGLE
vamp_lynx: Can you read?
vamp_lynx: Here's an idea: try finding someone somewhere other than THE INTERNET.
bigsege12: i ask u and u said yeah
vamp_lynx: Yeah what?
vamp_lynx: What did you ask me?
bigsege12: maybe u ve fiance
vamp_lynx: I don't have a fiance.
bigsege12: that is it
vamp_lynx: Huh?
bigsege12: i want us to be friend
vamp_lynx: What is it?
bigsege12: yeah
bigsege12: i need someone to be with shanna

vamp_lynx: Well try looking for someone who isn't already taken.
vamp_lynx: I mean, what in the hell is wrong with you?
bigsege12: so u re vtaken now?
vamp_lynx: I TOLD YOU I AM NOT SINGLE!!!!!!!! My profile says LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP. I don't know how I can make it more fucking plain!!!???
bigsege12: huh
vamp_lynx: Huh what? I have a boyfriend, you fucking ignorant fuck!
vamp_lynx: "Long-term relationship"
vamp_lynx: Duh.
vamp_lynx: Are you smoking crack or something?
bigsege12: huh
bigsege12: how do u mean

vamp_lynx: Omg. I cannot believe you are this stupid. How old are you and where are you from?
bigsege12: am 29
bigsege12: ny

vamp_lynx: That's very sad to hear.
bigsege12: so what up
vamp_lynx: With what?
bigsege12: how do u mean
vamp_lynx: You said "so what up". I asked "With what?"
vamp_lynx: It's fairly simple.
bigsege12: huh
vamp_lynx: Goodbye, ignoramus.
bigsege12: bye
vamp_lynx: I hope no one paid much for your education b/c it was a waste of money.

As always, see more at the Halls of Stupid.

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2 Responses to “The Dumbest Person to Ever IM Me”

  1. Maevyn
    Maevyn says:

    LOL!! Oh, the joy of random dumbasses on the internet, eh? This is exactly why I keep privacy settings in full force on my IM programs. LOL. What a tard.

    BTW, just popped in from....oh hell, I can't remember now, but wanted to say hi anyway! Have a good one! 🙂

  2. special k
    special k says:

    Holy. Shit.

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    drama schools in los angeles says:

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