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March 21st, 2006

All the Freaks Have Internet Access

Just thought I'd share this little convo that transpired a few minutes ago; how do these people find me?

xtreme4jc2000: lady lynx
xtreme4jc2000: greetings

vamp_lynx: Hi
xtreme4jc2000: such haunting eyes
xtreme4jc2000: very sexy
xtreme4jc2000: *smiles baringfangs*
xtreme4jc2000: does this vampiress have more to show then just here eyes???

vamp_lynx: Thanks.
vamp_lynx: Nope; not on this computer.
xtreme4jc2000: i see
xtreme4jc2000: and what do your eyes like to do *felexes a little to give your eyes a show*

vamp_lynx: I generally use them for sight, but they're decent for suffocating bugs as well.
xtreme4jc2000: whatof vampire men?
xtreme4jc2000: waks closer caressing your hair
xtreme4jc2000: do they like to observe them?

vamp_lynx: Sometimes.
xtreme4jc2000: how about enjoy them
vamp_lynx: My eyes?
xtreme4jc2000: no
xtreme4jc2000: your body

vamp_lynx: I wouldn't know, since I've never met one.
xtreme4jc2000: *my hands caress your hair and then down your body*
xtreme4jc2000: well now you have
xtreme4jc2000: or would you rather have the pleasure of a mortal man?

vamp_lynx: Yes, my boyfriend.
vamp_lynx: And he gets pretty miffed when I consort with the undead, so goodnight.

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One Response to “All the Freaks Have Internet Access”

  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    Hahahahah, what an awesome response. This is why I'm never on aol instant messenger and the like. Who wants that kind of stupidity?

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