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April 1st, 2006

Sadly, Not an April Fool’s Joke

Nope, this really happened - about ten minutes ago.  How do they always find me?

thompson4life2006: hi
vamp_lynx: Hi.
thompson4life2006: how is ur day
vamp_lynx: Pretty good.
thompson4life2006: baby my name is john
thompson4life2006: from uk
thompson4life2006: let mee go stright to my point
thompson4life2006: i m intrested

vamp_lynx: Interested in what?
thompson4life2006: in ur lov
vamp_lynx: What love?
thompson4life2006: relation with
thompson4life2006: yeas

vamp_lynx: That's interesting; considering we're in different countries.
vamp_lynx: Do you normally want to "love" complete strangers?
thompson4life2006: i know u most be a good girl
vamp_lynx: And how do you "know" this?
thompson4life2006: and bisad u are making piont but is becuse im in lost love
vamp_lynx: What?
thompson4life2006: that is why i did not ask u for ur asl
vamp_lynx: Why not?
thompson4life2006: pls introduc ur self to me
thompson4life2006: pls

vamp_lynx: Did you look at my profile?
vamp_lynx: You don't know squat about me, yet you 're "lost in love"?
vamp_lynx: Exactly what kind of drugs are you on?
thompson4life2006: not smoking
vamp_lynx: What?
thompson4life2006: i have see ur prof
vamp_lynx: Ok.
thompson4life2006: im real intrested
vamp_lynx: In what?
thompson4life2006: ur place
thompson4life2006: ur pic
thompson4life2006: ur age

vamp_lynx: You're interested in...my place?
thompson4life2006: yea
vamp_lynx: What does that mean?
thompson4life2006: years
vamp_lynx: ???
thompson4life2006: i mean i m ok with ur prof
vamp_lynx: And?
thompson4life2006: pls i want u to invert me to ur life
vamp_lynx: Invert?!
vamp_lynx: What are you TALKING about?
thompson4life2006: now and i will b with u for ever
thompson4life2006: im saying u sould consider my love
thompson4life2006: ok

vamp_lynx: Excuse me, freak.  Perhaps you didn't see the part of my profile that read "long-term relationship".  And even if I wasn't - I sure as hell wouldn't want to be with someone who's talking about LOVE w/in the first two sentences of EVER talking to me!
thompson4life2006: i m the lucky for u
vamp_lynx: BYE
thompson4life2006: pls just give me a chance
thompson4life2006: for a 2 b f
thompson4life2006: pls talk to me

vamp_lynx: I HAVE a boyfriend, stupid.
thompson4life2006: if u are in love pls chat with me as a lover
thompson4life2006: ok

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One Response to “Sadly, Not an April Fool’s Joke”

  1. special k
    special k says:

    Holy effing crap. I'm on Yahoo a fair bit, but I've never had some batshit, 'love-crazed' stranger message me.


  2. hack
    hack says:

    Hi there! I could have sworn I've been to
    this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it's new
    to me. Anyways, I'm definitely delighted I found it
    and I'll be bookmarking and checking back often!

  3. Stevie
    Stevie says:

    That is what Method Actors name 'sense reminiscence'.

  4. Edgardo
    Edgardo says:

    The mainstage comes after Appearing Classes.

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