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April 5th, 2006

He’s Baaaack!

Remember thompson4life2006 from the other day? You know, my lovely April Fools Day IM-chatter? Today he came back and got me on another of my profiles; one he'd been sending messages to for a couple of days and I'd been ignoring. Today I decided to see what he wanted:

thompson4life2006: hi
fiery_scorp: What do you want now?
thompson4life2006: u come borring
thompson4life2006: why
thompson4life2006: any thing the problem

fiery_scorp: Yes, why are you still IMing me?
thompson4life2006: i m still in love
thompson4life2006: and i need ur love

fiery_scorp: You're not in love with me, moron.
thompson4life2006: pls try and consider me
fiery_scorp: What in the hell is WRONG with you??!
fiery_scorp: I don't even KNOW you!
thompson4life2006: nothing wrong with me
thompson4life2006: are ok

fiery_scorp: Obviously something is
thompson4life2006: i need ur love
fiery_scorp: if you're telling COMPLETE STRANGERS you are in love with them
thompson4life2006: that is all ineed from u
fiery_scorp: Stupid.
fiery_scorp: You don't KNOW me.
fiery_scorp: So you don't NEED my love.
fiery_scorp: You need your head examined.
thompson4life2006: listen for ur self intrested
thompson4life2006: i m john by name

fiery_scorp: I don't *care*.
thompson4life2006: thompson was my sencond name
fiery_scorp: Leave me alone!
fiery_scorp: Why are you bothering me?
thompson4life2006: i m fronm uk
fiery_scorp: LEAVE ME ALONE
thompson4life2006: u must give me all i need from u
fiery_scorp: I don't have to give you shit, asshole.
fiery_scorp: Now fuck off before I get my boyfriend on here!
thompson4life2006: u most do
thompson4life2006: ok

fiery_scorp: LEAVE
thompson4life2006: one thing u shoud now is that i now some other girls befor u but my love is for un only
fiery_scorp: Stupid fuck - you have NEVER TALKED TO ME BEFORE
fiery_scorp: EVER!
thompson4life2006: ok
thompson4life2006: let be a friend
thompson4life2006: i mean a good friend

fiery_scorp: No. I don't talk to idiots.
fiery_scorp: Or crazy people, and you are both.
fiery_scorp: Now go away and do not EVER i.m. me AGAIN
thompson4life2006: u are me only one i have ever love in my life u can not go away from me like that
thompson4life2006: ok

fiery_scorp: You don't love me
fiery_scorp: This is the first time we have ever chatted
thompson4life2006: i loveu
fiery_scorp: No.
fiery_scorp: You do not.
fiery_scorp: This is the first time we have ever chatted.
thompson4life2006: no
fiery_scorp: Yes
thompson4life2006: u dont remm
fiery_scorp: No
thompson4life2006: ok
fiery_scorp: When did we chat?
thompson4life2006: we u permit me in ur life
fiery_scorp: And when was this?
thompson4life2006: i have a great love u
fiery_scorp: No you don't.
fiery_scorp: When did we chat?
thompson4life2006: i meet u in the chat room sometime ago
thompson4life2006: but have forgot

fiery_scorp: Stupid.
fiery_scorp: I don't GO in chatrooms
fiery_scorp: You just added me to your IM list a few days ago
fiery_scorp: You are fucking LYING
fiery_scorp: Now piss the fuck off
thompson4life2006: ok
thompson4life2006: do u know if im the lucky one for u

fiery_scorp: I know that you are NOT
fiery_scorp: My BOYFRIEND IS!
thompson4life2006: why do say this
fiery_scorp: Because I love my boyfriend and you are a complete psycho stranger on the Internet.
thompson4life2006: are u not an adult
fiery_scorp: Are you?
fiery_scorp: Because you aren't acting like it.
fiery_scorp: Now take me off of your IM list and leave me be!
thompson4life2006: why
fiery_scorp: Because I don't want you to IM me anymore - you're a nut!
fiery_scorp: I'm not looking for love from some foreign dumbass - I HAVE a boyfriend I've been with for almost FIVE YEARS and I'm very happy with him.
fiery_scorp: Do you understand???
fiery_scorp: I have a boyfriend, I'm in a relationship. I'm NOT FUCKING LOOKING!?
fiery_scorp: Clear enough for you>
thompson4life2006: see un some other time
fiery_scorp: No you will not
fiery_scorp: Because I'm putting your stupid ass ON IGNORE
thompson4life2006: io well
thompson4life2006: ok

fiery_scorp: Stupid
thompson4life2006: go away from me list
thompson4life2006: are u ok

fiery_scorp: Take me off your list, stupid
fiery_scorp: Stop IMing me. Go away forever.
thompson4life2006: i have done it
fiery_scorp: Good.
fiery_scorp: Now leave.
thompson4life2006: but u we look for me
fiery_scorp: NO
thompson4life2006: when is time
fiery_scorp: NO TIME
fiery_scorp: BYE FOREVER
fiery_scorp: I'll never look for you - got it?
fiery_scorp: I don't LIKE you
thompson4life2006: i can feed u and ur bf
fiery_scorp: WhAT???
fiery_scorp: Feed us what, you psycho?!
thompson4life2006: for many years with out geting warry
fiery_scorp: What are you TALKING about??????????????
fiery_scorp: I believe that you are mentally disturbed.
thompson4life2006: pls go away now me heren u give me panis
thompson4life2006: pls go bye

fiery_scorp: Please die
fiery_scorp: Feed us?!
fiery_scorp: What in the hell are you SAYING?!
fiery_scorp: I can't stop laughing at you!!!!!
fiery_scorp: Panis, lmao.

It's nice to know The Worm and I no longer need worry about food, since Mr. Thompson here intends to feed us until the end of living time and will never get "warry" of it.

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2 Responses to “He’s Baaaack!”

  1. Maevyn
    Maevyn says:

    WTF is wrong with people? Especially these foreigners. Why is it always them that gets thru on IM? Just once, I'd like to see someone that can speak proper English, foreign or American, pop thru on there. Now THAT would make for one hell of a conversation to read. LMAO!

    BTW, how are you doing???? I hope everything is going well. Are the meds helping you any? ((((Hugs))))

  2. special k
    special k says:

    Maybe he wants to feed you both panis.

    Good freaking God.

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