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April 7th, 2006

Wiggin’ The Fuck Out

First, I'd like to thank Rose for my latest crack-like obsession, consumating.com. I'll not soon forget this, Rose, my dear! I.can't.stop.

So the meds...not going so great. All was peachy 'til I upped the Strattera from 50mg to 60mg (as my doc told me to). Now it's Shanna's-a-fucking-whack-job city around here, folks. I'm surprised The Worm hasn't gone running for the hills by now; I sure as hell would have. Who in their right mind wants to put up with a catatonic patient who can't get out of bed that suddenly turns into a hand-wringing, muttering psycho who thinks she's dying of a heart attack? Fun times, folks, fun fucking times.

I read online - and I was told by a friend who would know - and my sister and her boyfriend-who-would-know told me - that docs are bad for putting people on too high a dosage of Stattera to start; that it should start out at 18mg-20mg and slowly work up to a higher dose. What happens to people who get on too high a dose too fast? Some are fine, others - like yours truly - suffer with panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts that suddenly appear at the end of the day.


O.K....WordPress and/or AMHosting decided to just FUCK ME and zap out and lose half of my venting, trying to make myself feel better post, so I'm going to go throw some things around the room and smoke a few cigarettes before I KILL SOMEONE. GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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One Response to “Wiggin’ The Fuck Out”

  1. Maevyn
    Maevyn says:

    Honey! OMG!!! NOT good. 🙁 PLEASE take care of yourself, ok? Make sure you get with the doc and lower that dosage as soon as possible. We all like you too much to see you feeling like this! (((Hugs)))

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