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July 5th, 2006

Humpday Hotline Hilarity

Those silly folks over in Iberville Parish just keep providing us with more laughter. Get ready for some classic, knee-slapping Hotline Hilarity:

You're a Life-Saver!

I think the people who have vandalized the Water Park were actually doing a public service because if it looks trashed, that means fewer people will go and fewer people will be struck by lightening if standing on it during a thunderstorm.

*blink blink* Wha... No, wait, I ... *blink* I.. But...um... Yeah, fuck it, there are no words.

Bring In The Bats...

I hear that the parish is doing it again: spraying for mosquitoes. At the same time they're killing mosquitoes, they're also killing the ozone layer. If they'd invest in mosquito-eating bats to fly all over town, that would curb the city of its mosquito problem and at the same time, protect the environment.

Yes, but it does little to curb the sudden rampant rabies epidemic that will soon follow.

Big-thinkers, these Iberville folks.

A Great Day

I want to say that it's a great day in history when I see that gas is selling $3.00 a gallon. It's great because eventually, the American people will be fed up with the prices and decide that it's time to give up driving and start walking. And from the look of most Americans, they could stand to do some walking again.

Well, pal, you're idea of a "great day" and the rest of the world's are obviously quite different. Expensive gas and having to walk over 10 miles to work doesn't exactly count high up there with "the best days of your life" to most folks.

See, the Ibervillians have it all figured out - mosquito-eating bats and walking will solve so many of the major problems plaguing us today. And vandalism, heck, that's just a frown turned upside down - there's a positive in that; even a life-saving one!

What about education? We know it isn't anywhere near the best in 'ole Louisiana. What say the wise people of Iberville to that?

What do you think? Screw education and open up a Bass Pro Shop!

We Need Bass Pro!

I've been hearing on the new that Denham Springs might not be able to get the Bass Pro Shop because the taxpayers don't want the money to be taken from education. Well, if they don't want to take it from the schools there, bring it to Iberville Parish and use school board money from this parish. Iberville Parish would really benefit from Bass Pro shop. Besides, we can clearly see that even with all the money we're putting into the system, but not getting the results. Let's put the money into something that will improve the economy, give fishermen something to be proud of and something that can teach kids about fishing.

Well, at least they got the part about not seeing any results from the current education system right.

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One Response to “Humpday Hotline Hilarity”

  1. Maevyn
    Maevyn says:

    We were, unfortunately, stationed in Louisiana once upon a time. OMFG, never again. Rudest people I've ever met, most of the natives there, and to this day, the only GOOD things I can say are that their food is fantastic, and my daughter was born there.

    Yeah, way to think logically, Iberville.

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