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July 14th, 2006


I don't know how they do it, but the nasty, 'net poontrolls always end up coming to me.  You're not complaining, though, are you?  Just more for you to laugh at.

Get a load of this one, I call it What Is The Color of Your Pussy?:

king_tout81: BUZZ!!!
king_tout81: hello
king_tout81: can i ask u
valeria_messalinna: What?
king_tout81: hello
king_tout81: BUZZ!!!
king_tout81: can i ask?
king_tout81: BUZZ!!!
valeria_messalinna: Ask WHAT?
valeria_messalinna: Ask it, jeez.
king_tout81: wt's the colore of ur pussy ?
king_tout81: Pllz
valeria_messalinna: The same color they all are, you fucking idiot!
king_tout81: relly
valeria_messalinna: Are you retarded?
valeria_messalinna: Can I ask?
king_tout81: Yes
valeria_messalinna: Have you never seen one?
king_tout81: no, but i would like to see
valeria_messalinna: You're a virgin?!
king_tout81: Yes
king_tout81: u?
valeria_messalinna: How old are you?
king_tout81: 24
king_tout81: You're a virgin?!
valeria_messalinna: You're a 24 year-old virgin? What is wrong with you?

Now there is nothing wrong with being a 24 year-old virgin, imo. I'm just fucking with him because he's a nasty, little perv who - more like than not - is lying his ass off to try and get me to "teach" him about sex (it's one of the oldest tricks in their book).

king_tout81: BUZZ!!!
valeria_messalinna: Well, what's wrong with you? Quit buzzing and answer me, stupid.
king_tout81: ok
king_tout81: BUZZ!!!
valeria_messalinna: Stop buzzing me, freak.
valeria_messalinna: What's wrong with you? Why are you a virign at your age?
king_tout81: ok ok
valeria_messalinna: Why?
king_tout81: coz i dont likegirls
valeria_messalinna: You're gay?
king_tout81: u
valeria_messalinna: No, I'm bisexual, not gay.
valeria_messalinna: But if you don't like girls, you're gay.
valeria_messalinna: If you don't like girls, why are you asking about the color of their vaginas?
king_tout81: no no
valeria_messalinna: Uh, yeah.
king_tout81: i like close
valeria_messalinna: That isn't a sentence.
valeria_messalinna: "Close"?
valeria_messalinna: WTF does that mean?
king_tout81: sorry i mean clothes
valeria_messalinna: You like clothes and you don't like girls. You ARE gay!
valeria_messalinna: So why do you want to know a vagina color if you're gay?
king_tout81: no iam not gay
valeria_messalinna: But you like clothes. And you don't like girls.
king_tout81: but not all of girls liked
valeria_messalinna: I think girls don't like you and that's why you're a virgin.
king_tout81: u see that ??
valeria_messalinna: It's obvious.
valeria_messalinna: You're 24 and have never had sex.
valeria_messalinna: That's pathetic.
valeria_messalinna: And you know why else?
valeria_messalinna: Because you go around starting off conversations by asking women what color their pussies are. Not a good way to pick up a woman, you dullard.

Halls of Stupid Classic, my friends!

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