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August 25th, 2006

Why Me?

It's been awhile since I've had any asshat run-ins - mainly because I was sick from work for two full weeks this month and had no reason to be on the road. Yet I knew such bliss, in a city full of terrible drivers, had to come to an end sooner or later.

Today it did. I've been trying - honestly - to be less aggressive on the road. True, my aggressiveness was born of super hyped defenses in manuevering the roads of the city I live in and an ever-growing abhorrence for 90% of the drivers around me, but, I have to admit, that's no excuse. Yes, I became aggressive out of necessity and sheer outrage at the terrible driving I witnessed on a daily basis and I'm still a better driver than most - but I needed to calm down a bit; stop trying to drive my Miata like it was a Hummer, in other words.

And so I have. I only listen to calm, slower music (no more KoRn, Prodigy, etc. - which sucks) in the car and I try to just "go with the flow". Still, there are assholes on the road, even if you're being level-headed and courteous. One nearly clipped me today.

The guy decided, apparently, that the person in front of him in the left lane was going too slow for his taste, so he thought he could speed up and jump over in my lane to get around him. Problem was, I was speeding up because the person in front of me had just turned off on a side street. So Jackass, just starts coming over and I realize his back end is about to seriously clip my front end. I slam on my brakes, laying on the horn, hoping he'll move back in his lane in case I'm not able to stop short enough. He doesn't (horns mean nothing to drivers around here, remember?) and, thankfully, he doesn't clip me (I'm good with my brakes) and the person behind me doesn't slam into me from my stopping so short.

Then - wait for it - wait for it - (you already know, don't you?) - just wait....yes, the fucktard flipped me off. You know, for blowing my horn at him - because he was about to hit me! He continued doing this zipping in and out of cars, not caring if he was cutting people off, on the two-lane, 45 mph highway, and was soon out of sight.

Lovely way to start off a Friday, now isn't it?

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2 Responses to “Why Me?”

  1. Justice
    Justice says:

    Fucktard is such a lovely, well-fitting word! Here, it is a very curvy and yet 50 mph zone in which the Fucktards tend to pass me (for doing the speed limit). A few times, an unseen, oncoming car nearly hit that day's Fucktard who nearly got everyone killed. Yeah,.. I can't listen to Ozzy's "Crazy Train" in the car anymore.

  2. Shanna
    Shanna says:

    Fucktard is right, eh? I will *never* understand the ones that try to pass people in a curve when they can't see what might be coming!

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