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December 6th, 2006

All I Want for Christmas is No More Comment Spam

I haven't been around in awhile, and therefore, I haven't been checking my comments. When there is nothing to comment on, people generally don't leave comments.

Spambots, however, care not if there is an actual post to comment on - they'll comment on any (and every) thing connected to your blog, site, guestbook, etc. It could be a post from three years ago, they'll spam it up.

I approve all comments before they appear on this blog, and this is why. WordPress, as amazing as it is, is a like a comment spam magnet. How bad is it, you ask? Well, logging on today - after 4 days of not doing so - showed 311 comments needing to be approved; every single one of them spam.

Everything from "squirting vaginas" to "bridesmaid dresses", "ugg boots" to "perky tits" was offered up on my blog's comments for your clicking and purchasing pleasure. Want to see "women of wrestling nude" or some "milf pussy"? Maybe "asian boobs" or "hardcore asses" is more your thing? It could all be found here if I wasn't aggressive about monitoring my comments section. Any site or blog owner that doesn't approve comments before they appear, or go in and periodically delete out the crap will be better known for having a corner market on Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra than anything personal they've uploaded to share with the world.

Sad but true.

I haven't visited Star Suck in two weeks. How much comment spam was waiting there for me when I peeked in? The exact number sits at 1,204. Some are nothing but link lists so long you have to scroll down to see all of them - just lists of words linked to goddess-knows-what that read such things as blackzilla, Tonya Harding, birthday cake, russian women, citibank, hats, fuel savers, smut, landscape, all the way to...duck. What are they selling exactly? I'll never be curious enough to click on one, but you do wonder...

One excited message tells me "Yes YOU Too Can Learn How To Butea Superba With Ease!" Because everyone has always wanted to know how to "butea superba".

I looked up some current (2006, even though they change rapidly) statistics on spam and it was pretty depressing. 2.5 billion spam porn emails are sent a day, and 40% of all email is, simply, spam. A single person will receive, on average, 2,200 spam emails a year out of the 12.4 billion spam emails sent out daily.

Probably the worst of all is that 8% of people purchase shit from spam emails and links! Who are these people?! They are the ones causing these fuckers to keep going...I'd like to hunt them all down and bash their skulls in!

I'd like to wrap this up with something pithy, but it's lunchtime now and I can't think on an empty stomach and the spam has made me cry...

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