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November 8th, 2007

There Is No “Freedom To Not Get Your Feelings Hurt”

Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of Dog the Bounty Hunter, is the latest person to have their lives ruined in the over-sensitive, over-blown mayhem of political correctness that has been sweeping this nation in the past few years. It's a problem that is becoming, in my personal opinion, one that threatens the very foundations of American ideals.

Is it right to insult or put down others' based on race or religion? No, of course not. Yet, is it, then, permissible to have a person's entire career shattered and their lives ruined because they made a p.c. faux pas? According to our great Constitution - no.

Freedom of Speech means just that - the freedom to say what you like - regardless of whether it's insulting, stupid, ignorant, or even a huge blunder on your part - without the fear or threat of persecution. The infamous quote, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" sums up the idea of freedom of speech rather efficiently.

There is not a clause anywhere in our first amendment, that I'm aware of, that adds the right to not be offended. In fact, the very idea of freedom of speech is that you are protected from those who are offended by your words - with the indelible authority of the Constitution of the United States of America; which, last I checked, is the rule of this land in which we live.

These days, however, anyone who utters a word or phrase that hurts any person, group, or organization's wittle feelings is - metaphorically - tied to the stake and burned; their lives, careers, and/or public persona's forever tarnished and essentially annihilated. Regardless of their past or any good works, noble deeds, or contributions to mankind the person has previously performed they are shunned and demonized by society - to the point of being nearly, and sometimes definitely, forever ruined.

How anyone can state this is a nation that believes in freedom of speech, in light of this, is a wonder to me.

Was Duane Chapman wrong with the statements he made? Yes. Has he sincerely apologized and - in light of his past work and help of others of all skin colors - proven his innocence and admitted his ignorance? Yes. Should his show be canceled and his life ruined because he made ignorant and angry statements for which he is truthfully sorry and repentant? No. Hell no. Whether we (or even he, at this point) agrees with what he said, the truth of the matter is, he had a RIGHT to say it as an American. He also has a right to apologize and make amends for his mistake. No one, however, has the right to persecute him for words he has spoken; however ignorant, hurtful, or wrong they were to speak. The man made a mistake, which we all do and which he has owned up to in a very mature, dignified, and respectful way. Now let it go.

James Watson was a world-renowned scientist and a Nobel Peace prize winner for his work in helping solve the riddles of DNA. This man has made contributions to our world and humanity that are countless, and has lived his life exploring science to make ours better. Yet, James Watson will now not be remembered for his years of dedication to science, his Nobel Peace prize, or for his advancements in the field of DNA. He will be remembered for being forced to retire - in shame - because he made statements that people found "racist" and "offensive". Whether what he said was wrong or right - whether you agree or disagree - he had a right to say it and a right to not be persecuted for it. Do I agree with Dr. Watson's assessment about the intelligence of black people? No. Do I care that he said it? No, I do not; it's his opinion and his business and I do not have to agree with it - nor does anyone else. If he had said that white people were the less intelligent race, would I have cared? No, I would not. Someone else's opinion is not going to sway me from what I know to be true, and I'm not going to let someone else's ignorant opinion affect me. Do I think that Dr. Watson's entire career should have come to a grinding, shameful halt because of his statements? Absolutely not. A man's life and good works are now in tatters because some people got their panties in a wad over statements he made. That is absolutely ridiculous and childish and if things continue on this way for much longer, no one is going to be able to say anything without fear or serious persecution and repercussion.

No one on this Earth is above being talked about, laughed at, discussed, or even made fun of. Not black people, not white people, not yellow or red people. Is it wrong that some talk about others based upon the color of their skin? I don't agree with it, but I also don't think it's such a horrible travesty that it should ruin lives and destroy careers. We are creating a society that condemns and silences individual thought and persecutes those that do not live up to, or go by, the status quo. Everyone treads so lightly afraid to hurt someone's feelings or step on any toes. It's patently ridiculous.

The entire world needs to lighten up and just let others' be. Do what you do, do what you like, and ignore the rest. If something someone says hurts your feelings, by all means, speak out about it, get your voice heard - but don't ruin the other person in the process. How can lively debate exist in this atmosphere? How can anyone say anything and not fear the repercussions of their thoughts or words? The thin skin covering America - and indeed the world - needs to thicken and the entire political correctness bull needs to go right back out the window; it has served nothing and no one.

In other words, people, get over it and move on. There are much bigger issues in the world to be worried about than a careless word being thrown around that hurts individuals' feelings.

2 Responses to “There Is No “Freedom To Not Get Your Feelings Hurt””

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