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December 13th, 2008

Jennings Serial Killer – A Full Report

You don't know who you can trust anymore...

These were some of the last words Brittany Ann Gary said to her mother before she went missing.

"They can be your friend," the 17 year-old girl had said, "You just never know."

On November 15, 2008, Brittany's decomposing body was found on Keystone Road just off Hwy. 1126 in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana.  The teen had been missing since November 2; last seen on a surveillance video at a local Family Dollar Store.

Brittany had good reason to be mistrustful.  She had good reason to fear her friends were not who they said they were.  Brittany's cousin, Kristen Lopez, had disappeared in March of 2007 and her best friend, LaConia "Muggy" Brown, had gone missing that same May.  Both young women, 21 and 23 respectively, had later been found murdered - their bodies dumped in rural areas and left to nature's whim.

The three of them hailed from a small town in southwest Louisiana known as Jennings; the parish seat of Jefferson Davis Parish.  The "city", if it can be truly called that, is just over a scant 10 miles in length and is comprised of only around 11,400 citizens.  The railroad - which runs straight through and divides the area into "north" and "south" portions - was laid down in 1880 by railroad contractor, Jennings McComb, for whom the city is named.  Brittany, Kristen, and Muggy lived on what is known as (yet not acknowledged by the local custodians of law and government as) the "south side" of that same railroad track.

From Jennings and, also, hailing from the "south side of the tracks" were Crystal Benoit, Whitnei Dubois, Ernestine Patterson, and Loretta Chaisson.  Like Muggy and Kristen, just as Brittany a month ago, these women disappeared suddenly.  Some time later they, too, were found dumped in a canal or on a gravel road; their bodies too badly decomposed by the harsh Louisiana elements and abundant wildlife to reveal any evidence of exactly what had happened to them or who had done it.

The former address of these murder victims is a detail that is, unfortunately, essential to understanding how and why the discovery of young Brittany's body - being the seventh such victim to be found in similar circumstances - has local law enforcement still reluctant to call their deaths the work of a singular serial killer.  And, also, why seven bright, young lives so brutally snuffed out has - to date - received little to no media attention.

Everyone cares about the dead girls.

Mayor Terry Duhon assures the public that they care about these young women, who had their lives so viciously taken, and their suffering families, whose lives have been forever ruined.  They care about "the dead girls", he says.  There is not cause for alarm, though, he assures an anxious public; these killings are "only being targeted to the substance abuse world".

The victims have been said to have lived a "high-risk lifestyle"; a term bantered about by local law enforcement and even the media.  Drugs and possibly prostitution were facets of their daily lives.  It was not who they were, but it was a part of how they lived.  Murder was not the only fate these unfortunate life choices brought upon these young women; after a terrible death, each must now suffer pillory.

Pillory - laying one open to public ridicule and/or scorn - may be a fate worse than death.  It tarnishes the image of the deceased; it leaves a permanent, negative mark on their existence.  People, other than those closest to them, may not remember the bright, loving person each of these once were; they will instead be remembered as "druggies" and "whores".

The "good" people of Jennings, Louisiana - those on the "north side" of the tracks - have naught to fear Mayor Duhon assures them.  The local law enforcement agrees.  Live a "clean" life, and you won't put yourself into a position to be brutally murdered.  As Parish Sheriff Ricky Edwards cautions:

"Drugs and prostitution are both illegal. If you are living that lifestyle, you need to get out of it and not put yourself in danger, even with someone you know."

It would seem - from their public statements - that local government and law enforcement believe, in some small, niggling way in the back of their mind, that these women came to this evil end due to their own bad judgments.  That, had they not been using drugs or selling their bodies, they would not have ended up dumped on the side of the road like yesterday's trash.

Let me remind you all that no one can predict when a serial killer will strike, or who he will choose as his next victim.  Serial killers are just as prone to kill men, children, young women, and housewives as they are people that live on the "wrong side of the tracks".  A "high-risk lifestyle" may be a dangerous one to live; it doesn't, however, mean you are bait for a mass murderer.

It would appear, under heat from the media and public, that Jeff Davis Parish authorities are taking an interest in these "high-risk lifestyle" "dead girls".  The FBI has been called in; experts are on the case.  Perhaps if they had been doing so sooner, young Brittany would still be alive.

It will happen again.

The distraught family of Whitnei Dubois warned us all.  They were frustrated with a lack of answers as to what had happened to their dear Whitnei.  They searched for the words to explain to her 5 year-old daughter that she wasn't coming home ever again.  Unsure how else to get help, they went to the media to tell their story.

Brittany Dubois, Whitnei's sister, told them:

If they don't find out what happened, it's going to continue to happen.

Brittany Gary was obviously aware of this when she told her mother she worried about being able to trust her friends; she "was scared" her mother has said.  Brittany knew all of the victims, was related to and very close to two of them, and - perhaps more importantly - the Gary family had connections to all of them.  Could Brittany have been murdered because she knew too much?

LaConia "Muggy" Brown knew something, too.

She knew her time had come.

Muggy's sister - Kendra - says Muggy feared for her life days before she went missing.

"She knew her time had come," Kendra Brown told a local news station after her sister's lifeless body was identified by tattoos once inked into her skin.

Muggy Brown was last seen at her grandmother's house.  Hours later her body was found near a rural police shooting range on the edge of Jennings's city limits.  A city police officer found the young woman dumped on East Racca Road - her mutilated body doused in bleach.

A familiar face?

Muggy's death was different.  Though reports on nearly all of the victims have been inconclusive due to advanced stages of decomp, Muggy's body was nearly still warm when it was found.  Did the killer want her found sooner?  Why leave her within miles of a known police shooting range?  Was he taunting police, or was this a message to other young women in the area who knew too much?

Jennings - as we've already concluded - is a small town.  Splitting it in half and looking at only the "south" side makes it even smaller.  The "high risk" lifestyles these young woman are said to have led put them running in the same circles in a very small radius.  It is un-doubtable that they, at the very least, knew of one another.  It isn't presumptuous to assume that they, at least, had a passing acquaintance with each other.

In fact, we do know that three of the victims were closely related.

Muggy Brown and Brittany Gary were best friends.  Muggy, murdered and quickly disposed of in an obvious place, was killed in late May.  She was killed only weeks after Whitnei Dubois was found on a rural road south of Jennings; Whitnei's was the first body to be left on a road instead of in canal.

In November, Brittany - scared for her life and after telling her mother you could not trust even people you knew - was taken.  In a grassy field off Keystone Road, and in the same general area as the other young women had been found, Brittany's young body was discovered.

Brittany had had an intimate connection to these murders since 2007, when in March of that year her first cousin, Kristen Elizabeth Gary Lopez, became the third victim.  Kristen, only 21 years-old, was last seen by her family on March 8; ten days later her body was found in the Petitjean Canal.

Furthermore, Ernestine Patterson, the second victim, was an employee at a local Wendy's managed by none other than Teresa Gary; Brittany Gary's mother.  Whether Ernestine and Brittany actually knew one another is anyone's guess, but the connection is nonetheless noteworthy.

No connection.

Despite the seemingly obvious connections of the victims, the small radius of body drops, the exact same method of murder in the two cases where cause of death could be determined (slit throat), local law enforcement have been more than reluctant to dub these cases the work of one person.

Parish Sheriff Ricky Edwards will, however, assent that there is one connection:

We believe the person is not randomly picking his victims. They are all linked by the high-risks (sic) lifestyles in which they have been involved in.

Obviously there are many more connections than this, though it appears local law enforcement are having a bit of trouble moving past the impression that these women are somehow to blame for their own murders.

While admitting this may be the work of one "the person", police are still loathe to claim they have a "serial killer" on their hands; detectives insist they are "ruling nothing out", but continue to tell the media they "don't have enough evidence" to link these murders to a lone murderer.

The killer knows a thing or two about covering his tracks.  All of his victims were left exposed to the Louisiana elements; the early ones - even more detrimentally - left in water.  The rapid decomposition left little in the way of evidence; police claim they were unable to determine a cause of death in most of the cases.  Crystal Shay Benoit's battered body, found September 11 of this year in a dry canal southeast of Jennings, was so badly decomposed that it took two months to identify her.  If a cause of death was found, it has not been released to the public.

The same holds true for all of the women, excepting Muggy Brown and Ernestine Marie Daniel Patterson, who was found June 18, 2005 in a canal six miles away from the first victim; Loretta Lynn Chaisson, had been killed a month earlier.  Ernestine and Muggy were the only two black victims, and reports I have gathered indicate both suffered death via a slit throat.  Method of murder for the other victims has either been inconclusive or not released to the public.

Local law enforcement's reluctance to claim a serial killer is not to say that the murders have been ignored.  Though they may take crime on the south side of the tracks a little less seriously, efforts have been made to catch the killer(s).

Byron Chad Jones and Lawrence Nixon were originally indicted in 2006 for the death of Ernestine Patterson; charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.  I have been unable to find much more information on this or the two men.

The last person to see Kristen Lopez alive was 32 year-old Tracee Lynn Chaisson (if there is a relation to victim Loretta Lynn Chaisson, I have not yet found it though I believe there may be).  Tracee called and reported Kristen missing, and was later arrested as "accessory after the fact" for her murder.

It began when Frankie Richard, 51, and his niece, Hannah Conner, 22, of Jennings were arrested for Kristen's murder in May 2007.  The 2nd degree murder charges were later dropped for both after Tracee gave conflicting statements to the police; however, Richard and Conner - uncle and niece - were then being looked at for the three previous murders; those of Loretta Chaisson, Ernestine Patterson, and Whitnei Dubois. At the time, investigators said the names of Frankie Richard and Hannah Conner "have come up often in this investigation".

All have since been released and charges dropped, and I have been able to find little to nothing on them since.

Diligence or Apathy?

As Jennings Daily News Assistant Editor Scott Lewis wrote:

There's no moral outrage. There's no sense of 'What can we do to stop this?' thrumming like a live wire through our community.

Hits to this blog - 20-40/day - searching for information on the "Jennings serial killer" and related queries give me hope that Lewis is wrong; at least on a statewide level.  People want answers; they care about what is happening.  I could be wrong, much to my - and I am sure Scott Lewis's - chagrin.  Perhaps it is just curiosity, but I want to believe that it is moral outrage, anger, and sympathy that fuels the search queries I see for the individual victims' names.

Echoing the sentiment was local resident and business owner, Ardon Jay, when he was interviewed for an informative article on the case by The Daily Advertiser.  After stating his belief that the case "would have been solved" if the girls had hailed from the north side of the tracks, he added:

Just because these aren't rich girls and they did drugs and sold their bodies doesn't mean they're not somebody's daughter.

Though local law enforcement, and more, are working the case, the general public still get the impression that their drive to solve the murders is less than if the victims had been middle-class, white women.  Whether that assumption be true or false, it is the feeling the public has and the vibe they have been getting. Part of the problem, admits Sheriff Ricky Edwards, is a lack of high-end paraphernalia and equipment:

I wish we could wave the magic wand and have all of those resources that are shown on TV available to us - that don't exist, some of them - at our disposal, but we don't.

According to The Daily Advertiser, though, the law is very much devoted to solving the cases, if not avenging the murdered women:

Edwards insists that his office aggressively follows tips. Five agencies outside of the Sheriff's Office have involved themselves in the investigation - the Jennings Police Department, Louisiana State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Calcasieu Crime Lab and Calcasieu and Acadia sheriff's offices. Most of them became involved with the case after the second death.

Stephen Kartsimas and Steven Reed, two Rapides Parish sheriff's detectives, have also been noted as closely following the case and attempting to link it - if possible - to similar cold cases in their area.  According to the detective, six women's bodies have been found in their area (between Lake Charles and Lafayette) since 2005; the latest just this past September.

Yet there is another, more personal, reason for getting involved:  Detective Kartsimas is on a personal quest to identify a "Jane Doe" whose body was found off I-49 near the Lena exit 11 years ago and to catch her killer.  The Jennings area killings definitely "raise a red flag" for Det. Kartsimas, and he - along with Detective Reed, head of the new Cold Case Task Force - have asked the Rapides Parish Sheriff's office to make contact with Jefferson Davis Parish officials.

Other items of interest...

In all of the dozens upon dozens of articles, small pieces, message board discussions, and blurbs I have been able to dig up online about this case and the victims, there have been a few other items of interest that gave me pause.  I bookmarked them each and have returned to them many times, wondering how they fit in to the pattern of this mystery.

Though these only came up once, maybe twice, in everything I have read, I personally believe there is something to this information.  Naturally, I could be completely off-base, but felt it should be included here so that those searching for information could draw their own conclusions.

The Gary Family Connection -- It would seem that the Garys have a connection to all of the victims.  Though I read this actual statement in a few places, I have only found a few definite connections:

  • Kristen Gary Lopez was the latest victim, Brittany Gary's, first cousin
  • LaConia "Muggy" Brown was the latest victim, Brittany Gary's, best friend
  • Ernestine Patterson was an employee at Wendy's, where she worked under Teresa Gary - Brittany Gary's mother

Teresa Gary has said that all of the victims were connected to her family "in some way", and that the Garys knew all of them.

The Truck -- Posted on a message board, I found a copy of an article written in November 2007  (I was unable to find the original), that talked about a truck that may have been used during the murder of Kristen Gary Lopez in March of that year.  Whether this information is still valid - considering the charges against Kristen's possible murderers have been dropped - I cannot say.  Still, since it involves this case, I am including it.

As posted on the Websleuths message board by user "capoly":

Detective cleared
Truck he purchased from inmate linked to March slaying
November 27, 2007

JENNINGS - A veteran Jeff Davis Parish sheriff's detective has been cleared of wrongdoing in connection with his purchase of a pickup truck that may have been involved in the slaying of a local woman.

The finding follows a seven-month state police investigation of Detective Warren Gary's purchase of the truck from an inmate. ..............

Gary bought the truck from Connie Siler, who had been arrested on worthless-check charges, after she was released from jail on March 30............

State police investigators were unable to get a statement from Siler, who is now in Yuba City, Calif., according to the report. .........

Siler was interviewed as a "person of interest" in three of the four slayings of young women whose bodies have been found dumped in rural parts of the parish over the last two years. .......

Gary told investigators he bought the truck for $9,000, the amount he had available without having to take out a loan. He later sold the truck for $15,000 to a grant writer - the ex-wife of a state trooper in Lake Charles - making a $6,500 profit. ........

Cassidy said it was not until after the transaction and Gary's resale of the truck that authorities learned from a witness that the truck may have been involved in the death of Kristen Elizabeth Gary Lopez in March. A forensic exam of the vehicle was made, at which time potential evidence was retrieved from the truck. Lab results are still pending, he said.

Other Notes -- These are just a few notes I jotted down while doing my research; some of you may find them of interest or be able to connect dots that have eluded me.

  • After Chaisson, "some clothes" were missing from each of the bodies; particular articles of clothing  (indicating a fetish) were missing from the partially-nude bodies (obviously the nude bodies had nothing on them).  What this/these item(s) were has not been released to the public, though I have read on certain discussions that all of the victims' shoes were missing
  • All but one were in "advanced stages of decomp"; the one found w/in hours of death (Brown) had been doused with bleach
  • All had "elevated levels" of cocaine & alcohol in their systems
  • Most autopsies were ruled "inconclusive"
  • All bodies dumped in rural but public (easily found/well-known) locations
  • All of the victims grew up within blocks of one another
  • Gary & Lopez were cousins
  • Gary’s body was the 7th body to turn up yet the 5th to turn up in 2-3 mile radius within the last 3 years
  • The first 3 bodies were discovered in canals

The Victims.

As I get more information, I will add it.  The main point of this post - other than providing a concise place for information on all that has happened to date concerning this case - is to bring attention to the young women who were murdered.  They deserve to be remembered; they deserve to be vindicated.  Nothing they ever did caused them to deserve this; nothing they did made them responsible for their own deaths - their lives were viciously, unfairly ripped from them and their loved ones must pay the cost.  Remember them, honor them, and, yes, vindicate them.

I wish I could give you more information on these women other than tidbits of information on the last moments of their life.  If anyone who knows any of the victims would like to contribute something, I would be more than eager to hear from you.  Please give me something more to write about these young women; I want to know about their lives and not just focus on their deaths.  I want people to know them as people not as doped-up women living "high-risk lifestyles" and trading sex for drugs.  That is not who they were, even if - as I have said - it was a facet of their lives.

Loretta Lynn Chaisson - Three days after she went missing, 28 year-old Loretta Chaisson was found floating in the Grand Marais drainage canal.  Cause of death undetermined and/or unreleased.  Loretta's partially-nude body was found May 20, 2005.

Ernestine Marie Daniel Patterson - Ernestine was the first black victim and the first whose cause of death is known and has been released.  Her body was found just six miles from where Loretta's had been left less than a month earlier in a drainage canal off of La Hwy 122, southeast of Jennings.  29 year-old Ernestine Patterson's body was found June 18, 2005.

Kristen Elizabeth Gary Lopez -- The 21 year-old was missing for ten days before her body was found in the Petitjean Canal, just off of La Hwy 99 and 10 miles south of the town of Welsh.  Cause of death has not been determined and/or released.  Kristen Lopez was found March 8, 2007.

Whitnei Charlene Dubois -- Mother of a 5 year-old daughter, 26 year-old Whitnei was found, nude, on a lonely gravel road just three miles southeast of Jennings; near the secluded intersection of Bobby and Earl Duhon roads on May 12, 2007.  She was the first victim to be left on a rural road rather than in a canal.  A cause of death has not been given, nor has much else been released about what happened to Whitnei.  Her sisters, Brittany and Taylor, search the Internet - and occasionally post online - in their desperate search for answers.

LaConia Shontel "Muggy" Brown - Known as "Muggy" to family and friends, 23 year-old LaConia Brown was last seen by her grandmother.  Only hours later, a city police officer stumbled upon her body - nude and doused in bleach - in the middle of a gravel road on the city/parish border that led to a known police shooting range.  Her body, found on May 28, 2008, was located two miles south of where her best friend, Brittany Gary's, body would later be found.

Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno - Crystal's body was so badly decomposed by the time it was found it would be two months before the young woman could be identified.  The 24 year-old had been left in a dry canal a couple of miles southeast of Jennings.  Her cause of death is either undetermined or unreleased.

Brittany Ann Gary - The 17 year-old was described by her mother, Teresa Gary, as "a quiet but goofy girl who was easy to talk to and could get along with anyone".  The Gary family had "left to find a new life" in Texas and had stayed with relatives in Lufkin and Houston.  Whatever they were looking for they must not have found, for they returned to Jennings, Louisiana less than a week before Brittany went missing.  Brittany - who knew the other victims - was "scared" and, as she told her mother, mistrustful of people she might once have considered friends.  A walking trip to a local Family Dollar Store on November 2 to purchase minutes for her cell phone was the last anyone heard from Brittany.  Her body was found November 15, 2008 in a patch of high grass ½ mile S of LA 1126 on Keystone Road.

In closing.

I would - as mentioned - like to write more on each of the victims; to have something in print online that will come up when people search for them - something that isn't disparaging and fractional.  They deserve to be remembered as people - not just "murder victims" and certainly not as "drug addicts" or "whores"! If you can help me write a piece on each individual girl, please contact me (skatoolaki@gmail.com) and we will work out an interview via phone or email; any info provided can be done so anonymously, of course.  Thank you.

In closing, I believe all of you can agree when I say I share the desperate plea and shared concern voiced by Brittany Jones, Whitnei Dubois's sister:

We need answers and this has to stop!

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23 Responses to “Jennings Serial Killer – A Full Report”

  1. Andy Popovic
    Andy Popovic says:

    I was once told, if I wanted to kill someone, make sure it's a prostitute in Baltimore City. No one cares about them.

    It's a sad thing about humans - we place arbitrary values on life. If you live somewhere 'nice' or have the right skin tone, you're more valuable than others. And that's a shame.

  2. jean
    jean says:

    Hi, great article. It's so hard to gather up facts on these senseless killings. Police are so tight lipped.
    I remember back in the DerrickToddLee day how scared we all were. These women (no matter who they were or what they did) didn't deserve this.
    Interestingly, I read on other blogs that their shoes were missing. I am going to have to dig that back up and that in Brittany's case, some hunters saw a guy near where her body was found trying to hide.Btw, I heard Lafayette police were talking to Jennings police force about the recent body found in Acadiana park. Her throat was cut, too. She was last seen at Four Corners, another place where drug/prostitutes hang out.
    This guy is getting braver and his murders closer together. Lets hope he trips up.

  3. Shanna Riley
    Shanna Riley says:

    It is, Andy; it really is a shame. {hug} Thank you for commenting; I always value your opinion so.

    Jean - I remembered something about shoes as well but could not find the article. If you find anything, please email me.

    I was wondering if the Acadiana murder might be a connection when I first read about it. If it is, I wonder if the police will even bother to tell us?

    What they fail to remember is that some serial killers just use prostitutes/drug addicts as something to "practice" on; as sad, sick, & twisted as that sounds. Eventually, though, they will desire less easy prey and will want something to call attention to themselves.

    Everyone wanting to feel smug and safe because they live "good" lives doesn't realize that when a madman is on the lose, *no one* is safe.

  4. Snarling C
    Snarling C says:

    Well, I can tell you what my immediate reaction to the shoes missing is: from time immemorial, if you want to keep someone in captivity from running away, you take away their shoes and line the area around where you're holding that person with something sharp, like glass. If the captive tries to flee he/she will get his/her feet bloody and be forced to move slowly. The captive will also leave an easily followed trail. (Remember in Die Hard? Same concept.)

    As for the decomp and the bleach, both are commonly used to get rid of evidence. For whatever reason, "Muggy" Brown's body needed to be found, so the killer used bleach. In the other cases he/she could rely on time.

    If you're going to murder someone and hope that the body will be found, but be found without evidence in a place like Jennings, dump it in a canal or a bayou. Pieces parts of it will likely turn up eventually, but water and predators will have taken care of the evidence.


    Thank you for this article, your reporting is top-notch and impressive! Keep reporting, please! I'm going to go and kiss my family and pray for those girls' families and pray no other girl goes missing. It shouldn't matter what kind of lifestyle these girls lived or what mistakes they'd made. No one deserves to die and the cost of their mistakes shouldn't have been death at the hands of a killer.

  5. jean
    jean says:

    Snarling...interesting. You said Muggy's body needed to be found. Perhaps the perp couldn't hold on to her as long as the other. Why the rush with Muggy? I was wondering if police suspect a different murder location...meaning were they assauted/killed in one location and then moved and left in another. Perhaps this private location was not available at the time. What was the date of Muggy's disappearance/murder?

  6. brittany jones
    brittany jones says:

    I would just like to thank the you for taking the time to put out this article and getting the story out. I am Whitnei Dubois' sister and I am disgusted with the way this case has ben handled from the beginning. I have found that the internet and media are the best ways to get public attention. So thanks again, and if I can help with information, please let me know.

  7. scaredconfused
    scaredconfused says:

    Well..... i know that this is very strang what i'm about to say but , however it is all true.....I know that they say that there are 7 bodies but i keep feeling that there are more then 7 like atleast 9....But however thats not the strang thing , that i was going to say.....the strang thing is i felt it when the killer killed 3 out of the 8 women bodies that were found thus far.....8 being the one that they founded in or near Lafayette , Louisiana.....i have no idea why i am able to feel when he is killing these women , it is very scary....no i am not saying this because of any reward money , for i don't even care about the reward money , i just want them to make him stop , so that i could stop feeling it when he is killing these women....i know that they never confirmed that the Lafayette woman was linked to the others but i'm almost 100% sure of it because i felt it as did the others he killed....i told others a week or two about the woman they founded in lafayette , befor they even founded her , for i actually heard the killers taught , as God is my witness...i don't want to be known , nor do i want the reward money , i just want the cops to make him stop killing these women , for i am very tired of experienceing these events and dreams about these women....the 17 years old teenager , may god rest her beautiful soul... i was cooking one sunday and i turned to others and i told them , that seril killer has another one , for i felt like something about around the throat area and i felt like a spirit left ones body.... and that same day i felt that , thats the same day and around the same time that 17 years old girl went missing i believe , for it was around 5 something p.m. when i expereienced that event....and there was another older case of a black woman the news crewe interviewed... i turned unto others i said watch she going to be the next one the seril killer kills and you know what ... she was , for i say it as the news crew inter viewed her about another dead woman they founded that she knew.i have no idea why i dream these dreams or experienced these things , all i know is that i've been sharing my dreams and visions and experience for years and they were all true....although there is a few things i would like to know about these 8 bodies that was found thus far... , you see i keep seeing and feeling some type of defense found to the right hand of some woman and some type of head found to the front right side of some females face..... maybe these wounds has nothing to do with these 8 women , but i know that which i keep seeing.....well i just wanted to share this with anyone else who is willing to hear me out , for there are many who already knows that i've experience these things as these women where being murdered....and some told me that it's an ex-cop whoes killing these women , for they say that he blame them for him loosing his job on the police force....i told some of my friends about the body of that lil flordia girl that i dreamed about also and look , when the cops founed her , they founed her in the exact condition i saw in my dream...that ala. young lady that went to mexico with here class on a filed trip some years ago , i dream about it a week befor she went missing and i told others about it befor it happen and it happened just like i saw in those dreams....no i don't look at my self as being psychic , for i hate the word psychic , but this one thing i know... and that is i do dream , see vision and feel thing about certain people befor they die....i told others about sept. 11 since 1997... but no one really believed me , but then when it happen they said...OMG you told us this....sorry my post was sooooo long , but please help the cops catch this killer so , that i won't have anymore dreams,visions or experience of these killings....sign , scared and confused

  8. jean
    jean says:

    Scared and Confused, I am sorry you are going thru this, it must be terrible. I know when I had a "stalker" I could feel when he would return. It is the worst feeling, knowing someone or something is going to happen. And of course, people look at you funny when you try to explain. I, too think the Lafayette woman is connected. I wouldn't assume that the police will listen to you, but what you should do is next time you get these feelings POST them here. That way everyone can validate your claims because the internet has a date and time stamp on it. Why this is happening to you, I don't know, but perhaps God blessed you in this way for a reason. Any prior information you have, might help stop this crazy man and save someone's life!
    Even the smallest of details is important. Please don't hesitate to discuss, you are among friends and no one knows who you are.

  9. Living in Fear
    Living in Fear says:

    Here's another question for you
    Many of us are writing,calling and emailing to get this on the news...especially AMERICAS MOST WANTED.
    And no one responds or comes to help solve these horrible crimes.
    Well now we know and can ask
    Why did Ricky Edwards tell America's Most Wanted that Jennings didn't need their help. AMW wanted to do the story, sent people down to interview the family's. but need the Sheriff's cooperation to continue. And AMW confirmed what we all had heard as a rumor...RICKY EDWARDS SAID NO! He has it handled just fine, don't need their help. well here we are, 7, maybe 8 dead women and no arrests. NOW ask HIM......WHY???!!!

  10. Shanna Riley
    Shanna Riley says:

    I want to thank everyone for their comments, thoughts, & extra info. I am working on a follow-up post - sadly, only to report that little to nothing has been done since this post & that Sheriff Ricky Edwards is refusing outside help, most notably the undoubtedly helpful exposure of America's Most Wanted!

    Brittany, I can't thank you enough for posting. I would like to do a write-up on your sister and will be contacting you.

  11. Cherie
    Cherie says:

    I found this very interesting and unusual. These four women - not elderly by any stretch of the imagination - all passed away within less than 3 months of each other. The mom and stepmother of one victim, the mom of another victim and the mom of suspect Hannah Conner

    Loretta Lynn Chaisson's Mother - 1/2/08
    Patricia Ann Deshotel LaCombe - age 50
    Whitnei Dubois mother - 02/26/08
    Dorothy Lee Debois - not sure of her age http://www.jenningsdailynews.net/obitsarch.php?id=284#
    Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis stepmother 03/6/08
    Betty Jean Chaisson - age 48
    Hannah Conner's mother - 3/28/08
    Pamela LeJeune Landry - age 41 http://www.jenningsdailynews.net/obitsarch.php?id=342

    Not sure what the cause(s) of death were - I though maybe someone could shed some light on this??
    Thank you!

  12. So sad
    So sad says:

    This is such a tragedy and I can't believe there has been no exposure on the situation. I only just found out about it because my family lives in Jennings and I am afraid for them. Not because anyone in my family lives a dangerous lifestyle but because if there is a killer on the loose he/she could do anything. I pray for the victims families and for my own.

  13. kbryan
    kbryan says:

    Case Similarities - Residents on edge as 9 women vanish from small N.C. city

    Aug 14, 7:06 AM (ET)


    ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (AP) - They spent their nights jumping in and out of strange cars, trolling otherwise empty streets lined with decaying storefronts and boarded-up homes. Many sold sex to support drug habits or children left in the care of worried, hardworking grandmothers.

    Even when they were picked up for drugs or prostitution, nights in jail looming, they called home to let their families know they were OK. Then, one by one, the calls stopped.

    Since 2005, nine women who lived at the edges of the poor community in this small North Carolina city have disappeared. Six bodies were found along rural roads just a few miles outside town, most so decomposed that investigators could not tell how they died. At least one of the women was strangled, and all the deaths have been classified as homicides. Three women are still missing.

    Police will not say whether they suspect a serial killer, but people in the community about 60 miles northeast of Raleigh do, and they're impatient with law enforcement efforts to investigate the slayings.

    After the latest body - that of 31-year-old Jarneice Hargrove - was found in June behind a burnt-out house that was once a crack den, local law enforcement and state police formed a task force. In July, the FBI got involved.

    But friends and family say it didn't happen soon enough.

    "We got someone out here that's snatching up females," said Stephanie Jones, a 28-year-old nursing student. "I mean, next person could be your grandmother, it could be me, it could be my mother, it could be my daughter."

    Jones, who knew two of the victims, has founded a group that is raising money to publicize the slayings and search for those still missing. She says the cases are being swept under the rug because of the victims' lifestyles.

    The lead investigator, Sheriff James Knight, said he cannot comment.

    Rumors swirl about the identity of the killer, if there is just one. Some say he is an ex-military man or an ex-police officer because he leaves no evidence. Others believe he is exacting revenge on local women after contracting HIV from a prostitute.

    Forensic psychologist Dr. Michael Teague said the killings are probably the work of one person.

    "You're talking about a man who didn't finish high school, probably doesn't have a regular job, probably not married or in a stable relationship," he said.

    Vivian Lord, chairwoman of the criminal justice department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, said that if one killer is responsible, he is likely trying to cleanse the world of prostitutes or deliberately picking victims he knows won't be missed.

    If it's the latter, he chose wrong when he killed Ernestine Battle. Her sister, Tynatta James, 64, remembers the February 2008 day the family reported Battle missing. It had been less than 48 hours since they last heard from the 50-year-old, but she always checked in, even from jail.

    "We knew something wasn't right because she hadn't called," James said.

    A month later, a man putting up a wire fence around his property down a rural stretch of road outside town found a badly decomposed body. The bodies of two other victims were found in the same area in 2007 and 2009.

    In May, a DNA test identified the remains as Battle's. She was wearing only her underwear and police told James she was probably strangled, but they couldn't be sure because animals had dragged away a small throat bone that typically breaks when someone is killed that way.

    "I'm still frustrated," James said. "I didn't really feel like they were doing all they could. I just feel like they recently started to get involved in the cases after the last lady."

    For Alecia Johnson, the killings were a wake-up call. She knew most of the women: They all walked the streets of Rocky Mount together. She said she didn't wait for police to catch a killer. She stopped after the body of the first woman, 29-year-old Melody Wiggins, was found dumped in the woods in 2005.

    "I used to walk these streets and jump in and out of cars. But then when that first girl Melody got killed I stopped that because I knew he would kill another," said Johnson, 41. "I hate for that to happen to her, but it probably saved my life. I have five babies."

    Counting the names on one hand, she added, "There's probably five or six girls left around here that will jump in and out of cars. He really did kill the whole neighborhood."

    Jones' group has raised enough money to post billboards with the faces of the missing and slain women. Now she is raising more to organize search teams for those whose bodies have not been found.

    Juray Tucker, the mother of 37-year-old Yolanda Lancaster, missing since February, said she wants to help with fundraising but doesn't get much time now that she has to care for her daughter's children.

    "Every day, every minute, every hour, I'm worried," she said. "It's constant on my mind and there ain't nothing I can do, ain't nothing I can do."

  14. Shanna
    Shanna says:

    Thanks for posting the article, kbryan. I had read about the N Carolina serial killer and felt there were definitely similarities to what happened in the Jennings area here in Louisiana. Could this all be the work of one person, moving around when the heat gets too hot in a certain area?

  15. Joseph Blow
    Joseph Blow says:

    I was raised in Jennings, on the south side, and I find the following statement which is supposed to have been made by the Mayor quite insulting and disrespectful. It's as if the people "on the south side" DON'T live a clean life and are NO GOOD. It also alludes to ALL the people on the north side are "good, clean and ALL law abiding".

    It is not by accident that the south side is comprised of black people and the "not-well-to-do" whites and that statement is aimed DIRECTLY at the south side.

    I am going to find the Mayor's email address and send this comment to him/her. Here is the insulting statement:

    The "good" people of Jennings, Louisiana - those on the "north side" of the tracks - have naught to fear Mayor Duhon assures them. The local law enforcement agrees. Live a "clean" life, and you won't put yourself into a position to be brutally murdered.

    Maybe part of the PROBLEM NOT SOLVING the killings is that if it were on the "north side" WE the killer would have been brought to justice by now. Who knows? Maybe the killer IS someone living on the "north side". What better way is there to commit murders and not be a suspect than to live on the side where all of the so-called "good, clean living" people live.

    It wouldn't be the first time that a serial killer was a "so-called" up-standing, well-to-do member (or their son/daughter) of the community and was being protected regardless of the amount of times they did it. What better protection is there than to be in law enforcement or a son of someone in law enforcement? After all, one must not exclude ANY possibilities, right?

    Sooner or later the killer may just decide to kill close to home (i.e., north side if that is where the killer lives). Let's see what happens if there is a killing of one or more of the "so-called" good, clean living people on the "north side". My bet? All of a sudden the killer will be discovered and either brought to justice or "geographically relocated to another family member".

    Has the overall mentality of this country changed about valuing people of color and poor whites? I truly don't think so and especially in the south.

  16. Alice Duplecion
    Alice Duplecion says:

    Surely other psychics besides "scared and confused" are getting these messages. Have not one of these girls gotten a message to anyone about who is doing this?

    How can such a small town where everyone knows everyone have a serial killer and someone not know who it is?

  17. unbiased
    unbiased says:

    Tracee Chaisson was Loretta's cousin.

  18. southerenbelle
    southerenbelle says:

    I live in jennings an I live on the southside an I'm a white female. You meet a lot of people and to state for the record I don't do drugs and I work a full time job. I knew muggy well and I meet little brittany gary on occassions. All these women had familys all were daighters. They just had recent murder Nicole Guillory she was a high risk girl. She was found off I-10 by egan. I know her family closely and I give my sympathy. Nicole is now labeled the 8th victium and that's wrong. These girls had a high risk life stlye and they were against the law BUT DID THEY DESERVE THE DEALTH PENALITY. We need this maddness to stop we just need to pull together and let go of the north side and the south side in gods eyes we are all one.

  19. Shanna Riley
    Shanna Riley says:

    I did not know about Nicole. Thank you for the information. I will be doing a follow-up report/post soon about her and this vicious killer. Let us pray and hope they catch the bastard(s) this time!

  20. Mendy Dermady
    Mendy Dermady says:

    Did you create your own blog or did a program do it? Could you please respond? 79

  21. Shanna Riley
    Shanna Riley says:

    It's a WordPress blog theme; if you look at the bottom of the blog I have a link to the creator.

  22. Rapides Parish Jail Inmate Search | Louisiana | County Jail Inmate
    Rapides Parish Jail Inmate Search | Louisiana | County Jail Inmate says:

    [...] Jennings Serial Killer - A Full Report More » [...]

  23. Jason Counts
    Jason Counts says:

    This so profiles as a cop, ex-cop, or wanna-be cop. Prolly a local.

    It's a trend among local police agencies in that area that if any evidence points to their own, they drop the case like a hot potato. Which means they hand it over to state police and proceed to be real quiet.

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