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My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot.
- Ashleigh Brilliant

Cast of Characters
From time to time I'll mention certain names on this blog; if you get stumped, here's a reference.

Baret [Aquarius] ^^^
My boyfriend of almost seven years. We've lived together for four. He's the cutest, sexiest little Cajun this side of the bayou and he's all mine.Amber

Amber [Aquarius] ^^^
My kickass younger sista. Don't fuck with her, or she'll "tweezer" you.

Johnnie [Libra] ^^^
My whiskey-loving, history-buff of a little brother. There's few cooler to get into a debate with.

Lance [Libra] ^^^
Was my sister's boyfriend of over nine years. I know, nine years. Most people aren't even married for that long. Oh yeah, and he plays a mean guitar. {GuitarRockstar passed away on October 12, 2006. We miss him.}

Ava [Taurus] ^^^
My absolutely-perfect-in-every-way little niece, who joined our crazy bunch on May 2, 2006.

Brandon [Libra] ^^^
My male best friend since Kindergarten. We've done just about everything together since high school - the major life stuff anyway - and are now neighbors. He is, hands down, the coolest person in the world.

John [Capricorn] ^^^
John Foxx is not only a kickass DJ and musician, he also wants motherfuckin' pancakes. Now.

Lauren, Kayla, & Kenneth [Scorpio, Pisces, & Leo] ^^^
My female best friend since High School. She's my "Terror Twin" (aka fellow Def Leppard-nut) and the mother of my two awesome and adorable godchildren, Little Fish and BamBam. Kayla is my first godchild, daughter of Lauren - one sweet, smart and cool little Pisces - her brother, Kenneth (aka Bud) is my second godchild, future lady-killer.

Mom [Virgo] ^^^
My totally awesome Super Cool Mom. Usually I'll just call her "Mom", though.

Dad [Gemini] ^^^
Also known as "Stupid". I love the man, but that in itself is a trial!

Tommy [Capricorn] ^^^
My Mom's boyfriend and, for all intents & purposes, my stepfather.

The Blanks
Often on here I'll have a need to refer to my last name. Since I have no intentions of sharing my true surname with the world at large, I simply use "Blank". As in "Blank's Law is: Murphy was an optimist."

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