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My name is Shanna (yes, named after the book), though I'm known online by many other monikers; most obviously 'skatoolaki'. I live in the southern U.S. with my fiancé, five cats, and a fish named Google. I'm 32 and am a true-blue Scorpio (Nov. 6) with an INFP personality type.  I pay the bills as an i.t. tech, web designer, & freelance writer.

Though I get paid full-time to work with computers, my true gift and passion is writing and my biggest hobby is web design. I spend ample amounts of time playing around with both, and am constantly at work on some side project or other.

I can be quite the opinionated little wench on most matters; though I don't expect anyone to agree with me - I just say what I have to say; so be forewarned.

As you may be starting to realize, I have a site for just about everything that interests me. You can find out any other juicy tidbits about me that you might be curious to know at my main website, skatoolaki.com.

The history of this blog - originally named anima when it first began in June 2003 - can be found by reading the Nom de Plume page.

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