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Nom de Plume

This blog - and its subsequent domain name - has gone through a variety of titles throughout its existence.  In case you were curious, here's more on that...

This is the blog formerly known as anima (Jun 2003-Mar 2006) and then Sunshine and Farts (Mar 2006-Feb 2008) which began on Blogger in June 2003. It was there until March 2006, when it made the jump over here to WordPress with the fancy new moniker of Sunshine and Farts, and its very own domain name: sunshineandfarts.com.  The blog incorporated the Sweetness theme by V4NY.net.

In February 2008 - see here - the blog was re-designed with the beautiful Forever Autumn theme by Joni Ang and re-named La Vie Sans Limites, which is French for Life Without Limits.  The domain name was switched, as well, to laviesanslimites.com.

Ever the changeling, the original design and name were reverted back to in July 2008.  Once again, the blog was known as Sunshine and Farts, with the domain name of sunshineandfarts.com.  You can read about the switch here.

Then - yet again - in November 2008 it was changed.  Read about that here.

It wasn't that I didn't love Sunshine and Farts as my blog's name (far from it); it just seemed a little too...unofficial...for some of my more serious writings.  When i found people searching for the blog more on my "serious" topics, I was afraid that I might be steering some potential readers away from clicking on my link in their search results because of such a silly name. I finally decided to make my own, unique name and moniker (as I had with skatoulaki/skatoolaki) and invented the word "digitopus".  It is a combination of the words "digital" and "opus"; for what is this blog if not my very own "digital opus"?  The current design is the Laila/Butterfly theme by T. Arie Setiawan.

Hopefully this will be the final name and domain change you will have to read about here; before all of you start to think I'm the P. Diddy of bloggers, that is.  The domain is digitopus.com and the blog title is, officially, Digitopus.

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