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My Little Sister’s Wedding

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Tomorrow, on October 3rd, 2009, at 5pm, my little sister, Amber, will be getting married.  I am honored to be the maid-of-honor at this event, one of the most important in her life, and Amber's fiance, Blake, has asked Baret to be his best man.  It will be a day of laughter and tears, smiles and longing.

Though he will not be with us in the flesh, none of us have a solitary doubt that our beloved Pa-Pa Riley will be there in spirit.  There's no way in this world - or any other, for that matter - that he'd miss one of his grandchildren's weddings.  Amber will have him close at heart and hand by wearing a pin he was fond of and wrapping one his handkerchiefs around the stem of her red rose bouquet.

The wedding will be fairly small (around 50 or so people) and intimate, at The Dreyfuss House in Livonia, Louisiana.  We are hoping for fair weather - no rain and some cool air to keep off the warmish humidity that has seeped back into the atmosphere after this week's earlier cool.  We will miss the full moon by one night, but that lovely, opaque orb will be high and bright enough to still cast a lovely glow among the guests choosing to socialize on the outside patio.  Indoors will be hot jambalaya, plenty of good food and treats, and of course, the gorgeous wedding cake - the work of Mom, Amber, and our stepfather, Tommy.

I cannot wait to be able to post back here with photos of the blushing bride - my sister is a consummate blusher, being so very shy, so I'm sure she'll have no problems filling that age-old tradition!  I've seen her once in her dress, and she was absolutely beautiful.  I cannot wait to see my future brother-in-law (my first anything-in-law, actually!) looking all dapper in his suit with his twinkling blue eyes that are always filled with sweet mirth.  They will be the most lovely just-married couple this side of the bayou, if I do say so myself.

And now, I am off to get some beauty rest before the big day.  It all starts fairly early, with Baret and I doing some last-minute running around before I go in for a mani/pedicure at 9am and Baret, a haircut.  From there, I rush to Maringouin to start helping Mom with the food trays while Amber and Amy, the matron-of-honor, start getting hair and make-up worked on.  Baret will be running all over Baton Rouge, picking up the keg, last minute items that can only be gotten in Baton Rouge, and (ssshh!) some things to "decorate" the couple's get-away car.

Look forward to photos and details on Sunday!

My Sista

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Twenty-seven years ago today my mother gave me the ultimate - and my most treasured ever - gift; my little sister.

Amber Alayne came into this world on February 7, 1982 with big brown eyes and a big, ugly birthmark on her chin. Later, her porcupine-like hair and chubby cheeks would make her the cutest ugly baby you ever did see.

It didn't last. As a toddler, Amber was all big, brown eyes and precious smiles. She was the silliest, goofiest child - always doing things to make others laugh. Ava reminds us all of Amber in this aspect.

She loved to spend hours shredding magazines and the back of her diaper was often leaking stuffing from being ripped when she'd sit smack dab in the toy box. She was clumsy (still is) and often had scraped knees and elbows. Her voice was like a sweet, wondrous little angel's - in awe of everything and full of sugary sweetness. She enjoyed stomping around the house in Daddy's boots and hiding her vitamins between the couch cushions after Mom turned away.

She had a blanket that she held when she sucked her thumb and she always carried around, and slept with, her Cabbage Patch doll, Savannah.

She also had a strong temper when things didn't go her way, and would throw monstrous tantrums - until the day Dad caught her in the middle of one and spanked her good.

We were very close growing up. We had a secret-sister club and would stay up on Friday nights to watch scary mini-series (Friday the 13th, The Series and Freddy's Nightmares). We spent insane amounts of time playing Barbies together and thinking up ways to harass and tease our gullible, younger brother. We daydreamed about growing older - how we'd drive to the mall or the movies and have the time of our lives, sans parental supervision. We enjoyed playing Mad Libs (giggling over using "bad words" like "dirty diaper" for nouns) and watching movies (we still have a passionate love for movies we enjoyed as children).

Our friendship was fueled by imagination; the stories we came up with and shared, the silly things we'd dream up to do together, and the amazing adventures we'd go on searching for fantastical worlds like Candyland.

As I got older, we grew apart - and from the age of eighteen on to my mid-twenties, I was not very close to anyone in my family. In later years, though, we became close once again - our friendship resumed and became stronger than ever.

Today I can say that my sister is one of my best and most treasured friends; that I love her not only because she is my blood, but because she is a beautiful person - inside and out. She is one of the most special people in my life and holds a dear, exclusive place in my heart. She is my little sister and my friend - and when we are together 90% of the time is spent in fits of near-debilitating laughter.

So, today, on the day I was blessed - twenty-seven years ago - with the best sister and friend a gal could ask for, I just wanted to say thank you, sis, for being wonderful-you...and Happy Birthday.